5 Quick Tips for new bands

When you are first looking to start your journey as a musician or as part of a band, there are several things you need to consider. Here are five simple tips for new bands to help get started on your musical journey:

1. Plan – If you start your music career and don’t have a plan for what you want to do, you will be flying blind with no goals to achieve. Wondering why things aren’t going anywhere? Well thats purely because you have nothing to assess your progression on. If you can tick off tasks of achievement on a list, at least you know you are actually doing something productive. Whether its small goals like, write 3 songs, perform 10 live shows, have 300 Facebook fans. Whatever it is, write them down and agree on them.

2. Practice – Put in the hours of rehearsal, because when it comes time to perform you better be good. First impressions last, although don’t put too much pressure on yourself because it is ok to make mistakes. If you make mistakes when you have done all you can to be prepared, such is life, move on and learn from it.

3. Get Feedback – To often to early, musicians shy away from showing their art. Remember if you are making music that you want people to listen to, you better make sure there are people out there who like it. Otherwise, well, you may as well stick to the bedroom and do it for you.

4. Start collecting information – When you play shows or have an online presence where people can connect with you, make sure to get their details, email addresses, phone numbers, what ever. Get the information that can allow you to continuously communicate with them to let them know of new songs, news shows and news about you. The biggest piece of advice is not to rely on social media.

5. Networking – Find out who can help with the progression of your career, whether its booking agents, bigger bands, industry influencers, media outlets, anyone you can possibly think of, write a list of these people. Start networking with them to let them know at least who you are. Don’t come on to strong straight away, networking is about building relationships and you don’t want to be that person who annoys people by selling before telling.

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