The average Australian according to the 2011 Census is 37 years old, that’s exactly my age at the time of starting this website in January 2017. But that’s exactly where I end when it comes to being the average Aussie statistically. I am a first generation Australian and thank god my parents made the decision to leave the 3rd world and set themselves up in this nation of great prosperity.

I am extremely thankful for the fact I was born in Australia which has given me every opportunity to achieve the things I have wanted to and that my friends, is one of the great things about Australia, opportunity. With today’s world moving to predominantly a tech based society literally anyone has the opportunity to achieve the things in life they want. The barriers to entry for starting your own business have literally disappeared.

While the main point of this site is to share information on the average Australian, I will also be sharing guides that I hope you can get some use from, these are here to help you achieve the prosperity in life we all deserve. Thanks for stopping by.

Jay – The Average Aussie

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