The Australian Political System is Broken

I have a continued struggle with my want to be interested and involved with political debate. But I am getting to and unbelievably apathetic mind set in regards to it. I get a sense of guilt, that I probably should care a lot more, but the fact is, I don’t think there is anything more I can really do, because the Australian political system is broken. So I’ve stopped hating Tony Abbott and his neanderthalic ways. Why have I done this? Well I am sick of getting riled up about it all, it just makes me angry and I really don’t need those energy sapping feelings. Getting angry at my keyboard, smashing away rants for my latest Facebook status update, just gets to a point of verbal diarrhoea, yes, it comes out easy, but its really is not that good for you, especially if it burns. Ultimately, it is just sad that Australia’s modern day political system is rife with negativity and short sightedness. It is everything that I am not, I think we need a new system.

Yes Australia is a great country, but what makes it great, is all the opportunity it can provide. Rife with tall poppy syndrome, with anyone wanting to achieve great things or doing things differently, people are continually attacked and taken down due to the good old Aussie chip on the shoulder. I am simply over it. When will we get a political party that is inspirational, takes risks, rather than one that talks about budget cuts or one that is content on spending what we can’t. When did prosperity and growth go out the window, rather than creating growth measures for the economy. Please feel free to correct me here, but all I get from the LNP is cut, cut, cut. From the ALP all I get is spend, spend, spend. Every time a politician is asked a question, you’ll either get a BS lie or answer that is really nothing but a response, which diverges away and never really actually answers anything. Politicians would make horrible doctors really.

The Australian population has lost faith and trust in our so called leaders.

I do not consider myself either of the left or the right, I think frankly, it’s pretty stupid that for some reason most people seem to classify themselves into one of these baskets, why do we have to be something? Why not be centered? Wouldn’t a centered person be someone who shares the common goal of making sure all are happy and safe in society, through sound economic measures. One of my favourite sayings I read lately was ‘that a society will be judged by how it helps those less fortunate than us’. I’d hate to see the scorecard of the current government, in regards to that right now. But people will say, you can’t help everyone can you? But seriously, is there any reason why anyone should be living on the streets in Australia? It’s quite deplorable really. There is no reason why anyone shouldn’t have a roof over their heads. Something needs to change.

When are we going to realise as people that politicians should not be deciding the fate of our moral ideals. Stick to running a country, that’s your job. That because of certain groups in society we continue to protect archaic laws, it’s almost laughable that we consider ourselves a secular nation. It should be no ones right to tell you what you can and can’t do with your life and your body. The only laws that should exist is the, don’t be a dickhead law. It sounds rather simple, but as long as you are living your life how you want and you are not hurting or purposely offending anyone else, then what does it really matter? If a gay person wants to get married, let them, what does it matter to me, frankly it’s none of my business. Even though it confuses me why our gay friends would want to get involved in our archaic hetero ways, but the bigger point is equality. Equality for all, no matter who you are.

Even euthanasia, it should be everyone’s choice, not classified as a legal right, if someone of sound of mind, makes a decision on whether you want to leave this world in a peaceful and dignified way, why not? What does it really matter to you? People think they are so big, that they need to control how we do things, its absolute non-sense. Talk about being inefficient with time and wasting so much resources on discussing such issues, when really government, should exist to create a prosperous nation, one which in enviable of living in. Stop the crazy slogans, the negative politics, the blame and excuses. When is someone going to be brave? When is Australia going to have its own political revolution? Hopefully soon, because our faith in the establishment has basically dwindled down to nothing. People who lead this country should be respected, but respect is something that you earn, not something that is given. We need someone who will inspire us and lead us to become the great nation we should be.

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