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Why having haters is a good thing

For a long time I have struggled with putting my words out to the world, for the the fear of what people would think of me but the truth is having haters is a good thing. The fear that I will attract some kind of hate. You know when you doubt yourself and your own…


How Ruslan Kogan Can Inspire You to Start Your Online Dream

Ruslan Kogan is a rag’s to riches story and is one, which demonstrates how the power of an idea, lateral thinking, empowerment of staff and cheeky tenacity, can lead to amazing results. Ruslan like many entrepreneurs, does not come from a background of wealth and like myself, comes from an immigrant family, who decided to…


How Redundancy Changed My Life

There was a moment in life where I realised that the system was not meant for me and realise how redundancy changed my life for the better. For over a decade of trying to build my career profile within the corporate marketing world, having worked across a range of large companies, that time was coming…