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Smartphone use in Australia – Are we addicted to smart phones?

The number of hours the average Australian uses their smartphone is startling but not surprising.  In a recent study conducted by Decibel Research in conjunction with Huawei shows that the average Smartphone use in Australia  is 2.5 hours a day or 38 full days a year. In regards to genders it shows than men are also a little more attached…

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How long does it take to drive around Australia?

Australia is a massive country it measures almost 4,000 kilometres wide and is approximately 3,800 kilometres high. This is from the most northern point to the most southern point of Tasmania (the part most people forget to include in this measurement). How long does it take to drive around Australia you ask? It takes 14 days if you…

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How many pints in a keg in Australia?

As the beer loving nation that we are in Australia, I’m surprised that the knowledge of how many pints in a keg isn’t common knowledge. Well, the surprising fact here is that a commercial sized beer keg has 49.5 litres (Australian standard beer keg size) so with the knowledge of the standard pint size being 568ml, doing…