average age of marriage in Australia

What is the average age of marriage in Australia?

It has been the bedrock of western civilisation for many centuries, the unity of a couple by marriage. Whilst society has evolved and changed over the years how has this impacted marriage? What is the average age of marriage in Australia? For men it is 29.6 years and for women it is 27.9 years of age, last measured in 2010 according to the ABS.

What is the average age of marriage in Australia compare to 20 years ago?

Compared to twenty years from this last reading in 1990 their has a significant rise in the average age of marriage in Australia for first time marriage. At that time it was 26.5 years of age for men and 24.3 years of age for women an increase of just over 3 years respectively. In saying that the average ague of marriage in Australia has remained fairly stable since the year 2002. The rise in this average age of marriage has a lot to do with external factors such as the average length of time within tertiary education increasing and the the ambition for financial security. As stated by Kylie Dunjey spokeswoman for Relationships Australia states “A lot of them are in long-term relationships, living together under the same roof as their parents, and choosing to make a final commitment of marriage further down the track.”

What has the rise in the average age of marriage in Australia impacted?

As many tend to have children when they are married, this has had a major influence on the birth rates in Australia. The average age of a woman to have her first child has gone up from 27.3 to 28.9 years of age over the 1990 to 2010 period.

In regards to divorces, while the actual number of divorces has increased from 1990 to 2010, the actual divorce rate has dropped over that period from 2.5 per 1,000 to 2.3 per 1,000.

The average cost of a marriage (wedding) in Australia?

I nearly choked when I read that the average cost of a wedding in Australia is now $65,482. The government seems to be a little out of touch on this as their holy grail of money website, Moneysmart is currently quoting that the cost of a wedding is $36,200. These ridiculous cost have definitely bumped due to the trends involved in weddings and the fact that people want to make these events the party to remember. It’s a little bit of an ego trip to see who in the friends and family group who can have the most glamorous wedding.

The tight ass that I am, I was able to produce our wedding for below $6,000, I did have the luxury of having parents in law who owned a country property where we could set it all up at and we invited only the most special people to us. I think it was around 55 people in the end. But each to their own, I know I wanted for me and my wife to enjoy that money on ourselves so we had a massive honeymoon instead.

Who know with passing and legalising of same sex marriage, those average costs may blow out even more! What a boon for the wedding industry, lets the flamboyance begin!

The average cost of a divorce in Australia?

The average cost of divorce com in Australia comes down to two factors. First there is the paper work side of the divorce and that is $550 plus if you have a solicitor do the paperwork for you then factor a further $350-$500. The second factor is the main one and that’s the cost of separation. This is typically what people are asking when they are looking for the answers of how much does a divorce cost.

So unless you’re the person who is possibly going to be on the positive end of a divorce settlement, most solicitors will ask for a deposit of around $2,000 before they even the formalities and sending out letters. From there legal cost range from $330 an hour! So quick settlements and negotiations are always in the interest of your back pocket in the case of reaching a settlement. At the end of the day this question really is like asking how long is a piece of string. The average time most divorces take is typically around three and a half years so do the maths on that.

A pre-nup maybe an awkward discussion to have at the start of a relationship but geez will it save you a lot of time and money in the long run. It’s not too much to ask I think when basically 1 in 3 marriages still end in divorce.


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