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What is the average Australian life expectancy

The average Australian life expectancy is currently at an all time high. Today’s newborns are expected to live longer than any other Australians, with girls expected age now 84.5 up from 80.4 and boys 83.3 up from 78.5 compared to a decade ago.  Life expectancy is not an arbitrary figure though, many factors come into play to how long you’re expected to live, the obvious one being your health and lifestyle. Interestingly though, whilst the average life expectancy has been growing year on year, the number of deaths in 2014 grew by 4%, which is also the largest total on record, but this may also have something to do with our ever growing population as well as our ageing population.

How is the average Australian life expectancy calculated?

The statistical method of calculating a persons life expectancy is using a tool called the life table. This table is created from peoples current age and gender and the mortality rate of this population. The values that are derived from this statistical analysis gives  the likelihood of someone at a specific age dying before their upcoming birthday. These are all based on  death patterns within the current population you live among. The ABS produces up to date Life Tables on a regular basis and are based on the previous 3 years of data in an effort to exclude variability in mortality rates on a year to year basis.

The average age of and  indigenous Australian l

There is an obvious gap in life expectancy between indigenous Australians and the rest of the population and this has garnered plenty of attention over the past couple of decades as a national issue. The average indigenous life expectancy is 9.5 years lowers for girls and 10.6 years lower for boys.

While this number still indicates a major gap in life expectancy, there has been massive effort in bridging this life expectancy gap and the grounds that have been made over the past few decades has been amazing. With programs and funding continuously being put towards the indigenous people of Australia, this has seen the gap decrease, but there is still plenty of work to do.

The average life expectancy compared to the rest of the world

Their is no wonder why Australia is recognised as one of the lucky countries, with our amazing health care system and our extremely great lifestyle, there is no surprise that we are the 4th highest ranked nation for life expectancy. The only countries ahead of us are Japan, Switzerland, and Singapore. With Spain, Iceland, Italy and Israel being below us. The country with the lowest life expectancy is Sierra Leone with a staggering 50.1 years of age being their average. To view a full table visit Wikipedia.

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