average time spent listening to music

What is average time spent listening to music?

Pandora recently commissioned a study into average time spent listening to music each day.  It shows that the average Australian listens to 3.4 hours a day of audio. This is first time independent “Share of Listening – Australia” study and it was conducted by Vision Critical.  It looked at the full spectrum of listening habits from traditional radio to streaming audio. The study interviewed 1,974 Australians aged between 14 and 69.  It had a total of 7,592 listening sessions over a 7 day period with just over 400,000 minutes of listening in total.

Key Insights:

  • Australians still listen to traditional radio quite heavily, with a 52% share of listening.
  • Listening to streaming audio was 11% of share of listening, but this is just in a 3 year span.
  • Listening to owned music was just 16%.
  • The demographic group of 14 to 39 years old listens to streamed audio throughout the day.
  • The demographic group of 40 to 69 years old is skewed to listening to the radio on their morning commute.
  • According to this study Pandora is the most streamed brand for an average listening time.
  • Ten percent of Pandora listening occasions were greater than three hours.  It was just 5% for other streaming services.
  • Traditional radio’s peak listening time continues to be in the morning.
  • Streaming listening habits tend to be more consistent throughout the day, with its peak at night.

What does this all mean?

The average time spent listening to music via streaming is being highly adopted by the younger generation.  This listening habit is considered to be incremental, as radio content wasn’t a common occurrence among this age group. As Pandora’s director of business development Rick Gleave puts it “Whilst traditional radio still commands a large reach, the advent and uptake of music streaming is delivering incremental audiences for advertisers. The research found that one in three millennials do not listen to traditional radio in a given week. It’s a compelling look at current listening habits”.

We know that the subscription rates to streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora have increased year on year since their inception.  This is predicted to continue well into the future. In the United States streaming has now overtaken listening to owned music for the first time.  This is a trend we are likely to see here in Australia as owned digital audio and physical audio sales continue to fall. The paid monthly streaming subscription model is one which is clearly cost effective compared  to owned music. With such low barriers to affordability, no wonder why the uptake of such technology has been so rapid.


Information Resources:

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