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The Average Australian – 10 Statistics that make up the average Aussie.

the average australian

Who is the average Australian? Well that has been ever evolving since the post World War 2 era. Australia for a long time was very much a predominantly white anglo culture with its greatest ancestry being from England. Over that time Australia has become a bustling center for multi culturalism and diversity. I personally am a first generation Australian, with parents who immigrated to Australia in 60’s and 70’s. My father hailing from the island paradise of Mauritius took the frontier of moving to Australia as many other do for the opportunity this country laid out for them.

Australia in the context of the world is a very rich nation, in fact it currently has the largest median wealth per adult as of 2018

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. For a country of just under 25 million in population and nearly the same land mass of the USA, it seems the future for the average Australian has plenty of growth and change to happen still. But you are probably here to understand what does the average Australian look like. In this article I will going through some of the main characteristics that makes up the average Australian. These will be broke up by the top 10 searched average Australian statistics

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. Hopefully this paints the picture of the average Australian.

What is the Average Salary for Australians?

average salary

As mentioned in the first segment Australians have the largest median wealth in the world. What does this mean when it comes the salaries of Australians. The average wage for Australia in the latest reading for 2017 shows that a full time worker in Australia is making A$82,436. Those that live in the ACT are the highest earners withing Australia with an average salary of A$94,224. The lowest being with Tasmania with the average salary being more than $20k less at A$71,718, alas the cost of living is quite relative to the average salary. With property prices within Tasmania still being rather affordable.

To put some perspective on that for you be withing the the top ten percent of earners in Australia it would mean that your salary was around $110,000 per year of $2,11o per week. This obviously includes both full time and part time workers in Australia. To make the picture absolutely clear 75 percent of Australians earn less that $78,000 year, so earning more than this makes you in the top 25% of earners withing Australia.

For me this is the type of perspective that is required to understand your wealth. To even add greater gravity to this average Australian wage it would seem that around 25% of Australians earn less that $660 per week or $34,320 per year. So the income disparity between Australians is very high and the wealth among Australians in regards to wages is very spread.

When speaking of wages its well worth discussing the taxes that a nation pays in regards to their pay. The simple truth is for a country that is so wealthy to price we do pay is extremely high tax rates. Australia’s top tax rate kicks in at $180k to many a very high wage, which sits at 45%. Seems odd that for every dollar earned over that would go to the tax man. But alas this the price you pay for living in the greatest country in the world. These taxes pay for a great health care system and a very generous welfare system, so we do indeed look after those in need.

What is the average height of Australians?

average height

When it comes to height Australians are neither tall or short. They are ironically average in height. According to the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) the average height of an Australian man is 175.6cm or 5’7 for those who prefer that measurement. To add in some added information the average weight is around 85.5 kg’s which is rather portly for that average height. For Australian women their average height is 161.8 cm’s tall, or 5’3. With the average weight of the Australian at 71.1 kgs. 

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Australians as a whole with its changing demographics over the past 20 years shows that in general Australians are both growing taller and heavier. Their height in that time has grown my more that 1 cm and their weight has also increased by around 4kgs.

In regards to how they rank in the rest of the world in height. Australian men are the only non-Europeans to rank within the top 25. Australian men are the 18th tallest men in the world, where as the women are in the the 15th place.

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What is the average life expectancy of Australians?

The average Australian life expectancy is not at an all time record high, with the children born today are expected to live to an older age than any other Australians in History. The latest numbers show that girls are now expected to life to an average age of 84.5 and boys an average age of 83.3. These numbers are up from the a decade ago where readings had expected life of girls at 80.4 and 78.5 for boys

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average life expectancy

The expected life span is not some made up figure but one which has several factors that play this outcome of expected life span. The main factors seem fairly obvious being a persons lifestyle and their health. There is an interesting little factor though which shows the average number of deaths grew in the year 2014 by 4%, which is also a record for that statistic. This of course has a lot to do with the ever growing older population of the country.

How do Australians life expectancy compare to the rest of the world? There is a reason why Australia is recognised as one of the worlds lucky countries. Australia has a fantastic health care system and we do indeed have an amazing lifestyle. This is the part where we brag about our amazing beaches and holiday destinations. With all of this in mind, Australia currently ranks 4th in the world for life expectancy.  The only other countries ahead of Australia are Japan, Switzerland and Singapore

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