Average Temperature of Sydney

Average Temperature of Sydney

Sydney being of the the main holiday destinations within Australia. Many people search for averange termperature of Sydney to find out the best to visit for a holiday. The answer to this question obviously depends on the time time of the year. But we break out this below.

What is the average temperature of Sydney?

The average temperate temperature of Sydney for the whole year is 21.9 degrees Celsius (71.42 Fahrenheit). With the Winter months June to August the average high 17 degrees where as the summer months of December to February the average high is 26 degrees.

Average Temperature of Sydney

The climate in Sydney is considered to be sub-tropical. In winter it is considered to be cool but not cols and in the the summer it can get reasonably hot. There aren’t major extremities in seasonal differences as the ocean acts as a moderator due to its proximity.  The further you go inland to the west of Sydney the greater these climate extremities can be found. While the average temperature over summer months is around 26 degrees it can be quite a common occurrence that the temperate climbs over 35 degrees.  Although when it hits these highs the humidity is typically low.

Sydney Average Temperature by Month

As stated above the temperature of Sydney fluctuates throughout the year.

MonthTemperature (Highs in Celcius)
January26 degrees
February26 degrees
MArch25 degrees
April23 degrees
May20 degrees
June17 degrees
July17 degrees
August18 degrees
September21 degrees
October22 degrees
November23 degrees
Decemeber25 degrees


Being a sub tropical region rain fall is a common occurrence but it does not have any distinct wet or dry season.  Rainfall is greatest at the commencement of the year and then rapers off toward the second half of the year. Areas closest to the beach are typically the wettest and on average the city receives around 20 thunderstorms per year. On average close to a third of the year receives no rainfall with 104 days.

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