Can a hobby be a business?

The secret behind a lot of successful businesses, is that many of them were a hobby beforehand. But this also does not mean that every hobby can be a business. So the question is, can a hobby be a business? Of course they can, remembering it is also the easiest time ever in history to launch a small businesses based on a hobby. Today it’s not selling just products or services, it also includes the world of online information and content marketing. While traditional business is built on either selling a physical product or service, in today’s internet driven world, many hobbies can be converted into online businesses. Whether physical or digital. When I started my online business I had no business plan, I just had an idea, a desire and a distribution channel that people could find the product I was selling. I honestly believe that anyone can do it.

In the online space there is a movement of becoming experts in particular niches of hobbies or interests and people are becoming quite succesful in turning this passion into a sustainable and sometimes extremely profitable businesses. Two of my favourite online resources are an amazing example of the potential in online businesses. Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income, who commonly grosses $100,000 per month, by talking about the area of online passive income strategies. The other is Fizzle Co, who have created a community revolving around online entrepreneurship, including information resources, a community forum, and their own time into personally helping members. They have a small community of 1,500 subscribers which equates to around $45,000 in income a month. Demonstrating you don’t have to be huge, to make good money.

The everyday person, say 80% of the population, has no idea of the opportunities that lie within the online space of making money. I for one started a business of selling upcycled furniture from my garage to making around $140,000 in sales in the last financial year, which is definitely not huge money, but it is also not peanuts. There is no one in my immediate friendship circle that has done this, which demonstrates how rare turning a hobby into a business is. I guess my attempt started with the fact I was made redundant from my job and well, I had to do something. As it turns out, it became something that started an online trend in upcycling furniture with extreme colours. While painting furniture was not something new, our spin in adding these colours was something we found a small niche of people who actually enjoyed what we were doing and because of that, we created a sustainable small business.

Don’t worry about becoming the biggest and the best, just worry about becoming awesome at what you do. I do believe if you are providing something that is special and to some degree, unique, the sky is the limit really. Start learning now about online business, it will be the best thing you ever do. Even if it is one hour a day, it won’t cost you anything but your own time and the willingness to want to learn that you can do what ever you want to do. It is a new world we live in, there are no such things as gatekeepers anymore and any person can start an online business from their garage, just like I did and many other successful people over the years. Be brave and achieve all that you can.

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