one meal a day for weight loss

One meal a day for weight loss – does it work?

Prior to goin on my 10 day Bali trip I embarked on an experiment. One meal a day for weight loss. I wondered if I could lose weight eating just one meal a day. It’s no surprise that yes, you can and will lose weight eating just one meal a day.

In fact in the first two days of my one meal a day for weight loss experiment I was able to lose 3.8 kilograms. This was mind blowing and quite the revelation. Although in all honesty getting your mind focussed while having an empty stomach can be difficult.

I will add that this initial inability to focus is one which is purely a thing of mind over matter. I found it was purely because I was hyper aware that I was actively doing this experiment. The thing I learned early on was that it is ok to feel hungry.

As time went on day 3 I found myself not really thinking about the fact that I was not eating. In fact this thought of not eating surprisingly turned into a moment of clarity. I found that surprisingly at around the 3pm mark of the day I was getting this buzz feeling and even to say I had somewhat of a energy high.

So eating one meal a day is definitely not for everyone but I can definitely say it does work if you want to lose weight. This is for 2 reasons ultimately its extremely difficult to consume your daily calories in such a short period of time. Secondly when you are fasting your body will hit a level of ketosis which the body will then commence using stored fats as a source of energy.

In theory it makes a lot of sense. In fact if your turn back the clock and get historical about how people ate. You will find pre the industrial era most people lived below the poverty line which meant most of the time they only ate one large meal a day around dinner time.

The concept of breakfast, lunch and dinner is one which in the grand scheme of things is a fairly new concept to how most humans eat. It’s definitely a sign of opulence and the times we live in especially if you are lucky enough to be located in the developed part of the world.

As for me I didn’t last on my 10 day experiment of one meal a day. I last 5 days and lost in total 5 kgs. Which is a ridiculous amount of weight and probably not sustainable in the long term. I do know all that hard work that I did put in over that 5 days has definitely eroded in my 10 day Bali bonanza feasting and drinking like a king.

Good news is I can return to this one meal a day routine and get rid of this excessive weight. In fact it will definitely play a part in my new experiment which I am calling project 40. Simply named after the fact that I am turning 40 in a years time and there are a few goals I’d like to achieve in that time. One is a six pack by 40.

Good luck if you’re planning on trying the one meal a day diet program. I do have faith that it is something for strong willed people and can have immediate results for those who are looking to shed weight fast. If this is you have a go at the one meal a day program and you will definitely lose wieght. All the best in your journey.

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