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Eating one meal a day Round 2 – Weight loss results | Before and After

The thought of eating one meal a day seems like a daunting task to many. This has become commonly known as the OMAD diet and has steadily increased in its popularity over the last decade. Whilst this is not a mainstream way of eating it has definitely grown in popularity as intermittent fasting has grown. I tried eating one meal a day at start of this month as part of getting ready for a holiday. I did this over a 10 day period but only last 5 days. What was the killer of the diet plan in the first try? The weekend.

How does OMAD diet work?

Simple you simply eat all your daily calories as one meal. This is typically consumed at night time after your day of activity and work. During the fasting state of when you are not eating you are able to consume as much zero calorie beverages as possible. So water of course, black coffee and tea. It has been suggested that it can even be more beneficial to just drink water. I have no actual data on this rather anecdotal evidence I have heard.

Is eating one meal a day hard?

It sounds impossible but I did notice that just after 3 days it was actually rather easy and in fact gave me moments of mind clarity toward the afternoon and felt ultra productive.  The thing I noticed initially was actively knowing that you were not eating. It was still part of the psyche which made it top of mind.

The hunger pains will come obviously as your body is used to getting calories at certain times so this will cause the regular pains. The best thing to do in this case is to drink a shit load of water and realise it is ok to feel hungry. I believe its all in the mind. So with the right attitude and will power getting through the first few days can be tough but it does become a lot easier.

How much should you eat on the OMAD eating plan?

You should eat what you normally do in a day in one go. Wow! You’re probably think thats a hell of a lot of food in a short window. But the reality is if you don’t eat the amount of calories required you may feel lethagic due to not having the right amount of energy in the body.

For those of you who are a little beefier like myself. Calorie reduction and OMAD is not so bad as you will be able to draw energy off the fat reserves you still have on your body. It will just accelerate the weight loss of both OMAD and calorie restriction.

Should I exercise while I am only eating one meal a day?

If you are not doing any extreme calorie restricting, then not a problem at all. When I did my first trial I still went to the gym and did my regular routine and felt better than usual to be honest.

If you are calorie restricting I would suggest treading lightly and maybe some light exercise like walking will not be bad but definitely don’t go to hard if restricting your calories.

The best thing to do in this instance is go slow at first and just see how the body will handle it but I wouldn’t shy away from exercise if this is something you regularly do and you maintain calorie intake.

My next effort at OMAD Diary

As mentioned earlier I tried eating one meal a day previous to my holiday, at that time I weighed 112.8 kgs and after 2 days I had dropped to 109 kgs. Two days later I was up to 109.8 which seemed odd but after some reading and realising that the initial adjustment was most likely a whole bunch of water weight. After Day 5 I hadn’t weighed as I basically failed to maintain the regime.

Right now after probably the most hedonistic 10 day fiesta in Bali including 3 nights at an all inclusive restaurant (I made the most of it by the way, cocktails all day) I jumped on the scales of my first day and I am back to 114.2 kgs. I was actually expecting to be higher than that, so I’m actually surprised that I didn’t balloon right out. I have an amazing ability to put on and lose weight extremely fast. My record to date was my honemoon to the USA where in a 4 week window I was actually able to put on a whopping 11 kgs.

Below is my next diary of round 2 of the OMAD Diet Plan.

Day 1

After a whole bunch of indulging over the last few weeks, having probably hit the alcohol everyday for the past 16 days, not only am I eating one meal a day but I am going to have a crack a sobriety. Today was very very easy to say the least. It must be all the back log of calories I have been consuming over the past couple of weeks but alas I made it through the day without actually feeling any hunger pains. At this stage I have not felt that clear of mind, but I am still getting off jet lag, plus a horrible start to working week. A whole other story. Looking forward to Day 2 and my first weigh in on Day 4 I think I will do.

Day 2

Have to admit once again I did not have any real hunger pains until around 5pm on the drive home. Was a breeze of a day until some crazy stuff went on in life when me and my wife finalised a purchase of a new house. So while we had dinner, I couldn’t hold back and break my sobriety rule and have a couple of drinks in celebration. So my fast started a little later than usual at about 11pm. So a little bump in the road to success but very much worth it!

Day 3

This day was super easy, nothing to really report. Slight hangover.

Day 4 

The excitement over the easter long weekend is on me. It all starts with the exicting non related AFL premiership rematch. For this I will be indulging in something hearty, Domino’s vegan pizza. Again this day was fine not a worry in the world. I also did have a beer with my brother during the footy, so sobriety fail once again.

Day 5

Weigh in day! So after 4 full periods of the OMAD I jumped on the scale and happy to report that I am now back to 111.4 kgs. So I have lost 2.8 kgs in 4 days of OMAD. That again is not a bad result for 4 days of ultra intermittent fasting.

So Day 5 it would seem was the end of this next attempt as the Easter Weekend got way out of hand hanging out with my parents in law at their country ranch. The wine and been was flowing in celebration of purchasing out property.

So it would seem attempt number 3 is on the cards. This time I think I need to at least get 2 weeks in. In the meantime I will just return to my general intermittent fasting of 16-8 during the week.


Can you lose weight eating one meal a day

Can you lose weight eating one meal a day?

Prior to goin on my 10 day Bali trip I embarked on an experiment to see if I could lose weight eating one meal a day. It’s no surprise that yes, you can and will lose weight eating just one meal a day.

In fact in the first two days of my one meal a day experiment I was able to lose 3.8 kilograms. This was mind blowing and quite the revelation. Although in all honesty getting your mind focussed while having an empty stomach can be difficult.

I will add that this initial inability to focus is one which is purely a thing of mind over matter. I found it was purely because I was hyper aware that I was actively doing this experiment. The thing I learned early on was that it is ok to feel hungry.

As time went on day 3 I found myself not really thinking about the fact that I was not eating. In fact this thought of not eating surprisingly turned into a moment of clarity. I found that surprisingly at around the 3pm mark of the day I was getting this buzz feeling and even to say I had somewhat of a energy high.

So eating one meal a day is definitely not for everyone but I can definitely say it does work if you want to lose weight. This is for 2 reasons ultimately its extremely difficult to consume your daily calories in such a short period of time. Secondly when you are fasting your body will hit a level of ketosis which the body will then commence using stored fats as a source of energy.

In theory it makes a lot of sense. In fact if your turn back the clock and get historical about how people ate. You will find pre the industrial era most people lived below the poverty line which meant most of the time they only ate one large meal a day around dinner time.

The concept of breakfast, lunch and dinner is one which in the grand scheme of things is a fairly new concept to how most humans eat. It’s definitely a sign of opulence and the times we live in especially if you are lucky enough to be located in the developed part of the world.

As for me I didn’t last on my 10 day experiment of one meal a day. I last 5 days and lost in total 5 kgs. Which is a ridiculous amount of weight and probably not sustainable in the long term. I do know all that hard work that I did put in over that 5 days has definitely eroded in my 10 day Bali bonanza feasting and drinking like a king.

Good news is I can return to this one meal a day routine and get rid of this excessive weight. In fact it will definitely play a part in my new experiment which I am calling project 40. Simply named after the fact that I am turning 40 in a years time and there are a few goals I’d like to achieve in that time. One is a six pack by 40.

Good luck if you’re planning on trying the one meal a day diet program. I do have faith that it is something for strong willed people and can have immediate results for those who are looking to shed weight fast. If this is you have a go at the one meal a day program and you will definitely lose wieght. All the best in your journey.

One meal a day diet

My weight loss experiment on a 10 day One Meal A Day Diet (OMAD Results)

So I’ve decided to try a new experiment and that’s going on a 10 day one meal a day diet experiments. Hopefully I can share some of my OMAD results below. I will be keeping a 10 day log of this one meal a day food intake to understand if you can lose weight in such a fashion. Although eating this way is less of a diet and more of a way of eating. Restricting all your daily calorie intake to a small window. Sounds difficult to punch in 2500 calories in a short amount of time.

I probably should start with the reasoning behind why I am trying the One Meal A Day DIet and it is simply that I am going on a holiday and have come out of a very indulgent Australian summer and have gained 8 kgs. The reason behind this has been several factors. One I started a new job in mid-November which had a dramatic change in my lifestyle. Previous to the new role I was cycling ton and from my work for about 10km’s every way. This was a fantastic way of building in my daily routine exercise and I need routine.

Now with my new job, 35 km’s away from where I lived it meant I had to return to the grind of getting in a car and driving to work. Alas, this was bad for several reasons, I hate driving, I hate the effects of driving and I really did enjoy riding my bike to work. So here I am 3 months later with all of this extra weight and all the beach gear that I want to wear for my upcoming holiday is a little tight. I should Add I am already a big guy in the first place, I am about 6’1 and weighed in November 2017 around 105 kgs. Bear in mind I also live a vegan lifestyle for both the environmental and ethical reasons.

So here I am 11 days out from our holiday to Bali and thinking why not try something a little left of centre and something that really needs a lot of discipline but something I know that I can achieve. More than anything I am just curious to see what 10 days of one meal a day will do and if the effects of the diet will be dramatic or if I already slowed down metabolism, which I have noticed since turning 30 (now 38) will play a detrimental part in achieving any success.

So if you did the maths yes I have put on 8 kg’s in the last 3 months, which means that I now weigh a beefy 113 kgs. I’ve been much beefier before but that’s a whole other story.

So what is the one meal a day diet?

In the past I have tried intermittent fasting with great results, this is when you fast for a time period and eat for a time period. The typical one I regularly did was 16 hour fast window and 8 hour eating window. My eating window usually went from midday to 8 pm at night. I found this rather easy to do as I typically am not that hungry in the mornings. A cup of coffee was more than enough to get me through to that lunchtime period and eat my first meal of the day.

So a one meal a day diet is the next level of intermittent fasting, where you get all your daily calories, nutrients, and energy in just one meal per day. It bucks the trends of eating the three meals a day plus snacks. Sounds daunting to most people but to me, it sounds like a challenge. I will raise a couple of the benefits of eating one daily below but more than anything it’s allowing to be empowered by the mantra of ‘it’s ok to feel hungry’.  As I will demonstrate below it is a good thing rather than a negative.

Dr. Xand Van Tulleken a professor at Harvard and Oxford University advocates for it as scientifically endorsed and would most likely produce weight loss results with the benefit of extreme methods of calorie counting. Something I really do hate and for that look forward to the challenge. Dr Van Tulleken goes on to say that a “large amount of medical evidence that indicates fasting is a safe and effective way of losing weight.”

Eating one meal a day benefits

So there have been studies showing the benefits that go along with intermittent fasting.

These studies have shown the following benefits:

  • Dramatic weight loss, especially around the belly area.
  • It may help lower blood sugar levels which can have a major impact on people who have type 2 diabetes
  • A positive effect on eating and sleeping cycles which can increase their lifespan
  • Improve your memory (I’ll definitely take that)
  • Overall benefit to the cardiac system
  • Increased levels of human growth hormone by 5 times
  • The body induces important cellular repair processes, this has a dramatic effect on removing waste product from the system.

These all sound like fairly good reasons to give it a crack, so why not I say?

Where to from here?

Well, I will be keeping a daily log of how I am feeling and the effects of this one meal a day diet. I am as curious as you if you have stumbled across this post and cannot wait for the challenge. So at the end of the ten days, I will hope to have these questions answered

  • How will it affect my body? so I will show one meal a day diet before and after.
  • What happens if you only eat one meal a day?
  • Can you lose weight by eating one meal a day?

Day 1

So it’s 9 pm day 1 and I’m happy to say that I made it all the way through the day without snacking or eating until I returned home from work. It was a fairly regular Monday for me, where I took the dog for a walk in the morning and then did about 30 mins in the gym before getting ready for work and heading off. I did jump on the scales and updated the information above. I was a little heavier than I first thought and the scales read 112.8 kgs. I haven’t been this heavy for a very long time. Even more, motivation to go hard for 10 days.

Not eating all day was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. I drank about 4 litres of water and had 2 cups of black coffee throughout the day. I did get some hunger pains at around 2 pm but just drank a whole bunch of water and that did the trick in subsiding the feeling. I ate my first meal at 7.30pm which was a mound of noodles with stir-fried green vegetables and a can of kidney beans. After that, I had a whole bunch of dried fruit including dates and apricots. Then I finished with a couple of bananas, a bunch of grapes and an apple.

I’m feeling ridiculously full right now. Day 1 was a breeze let’s see how the mounting days of full-day fasting goes. One meal a day diet is going well so far. Nine days to go!

Day 2

Today was a bit of a struggle to be honest.  Everything started off well with my daily routine, went on a long walk with the dog and had my morning coffee. I found myself thinking about food from pretty much the morning but tried to keep my mind occupied by getting right in the work zone to forget about the fact that I fasting. It’s that I was feeling hungry either, just that I was conscious of the fact I’d only eaten once in the last 36 hours or so. Hard to explain in words the feeling to be honest.

I never really felt hungry until about 3 pm so a little later than the day before, but it was pretty full on this time. I really had to focus on the fact that it was ok to feel hungry and that feeling was natural and part of eating one meal a day diet. I knew that the intermittent fasting I was going through was somewhat extreme to the norm but I was fairly comfortable with what was going on.

My wife doesn’t really understand what I am doing, but that’s ok. Her question was, why are you eating so much and having to explain the concept over again was a little frustrating. Tonight I did not feel full like I did yesterday and have eaten heaps of food. I’m looking forward to doing my day 3 morning weigh in to see what the effects were of eating 2 meals in a 60 hour period. Kind of weird to say! Until then and only 8 days to go.

Day 3

Today was a good day for several reasons. Three things happened.

  1. I jumped on the scales and a number popped up that was hard to believe 109 kgs. So in 48 hours I had dropped 3.8 kgs. As a regular dieter I’m well aware that most of this weight due to fasting is mostly water weight. Even so this was promising to see.
  2. Unrelated to this experiment my family is now rather clear what we are doing in regards to purchasing a new property as our ‘forever home’. We are super excited. Although already months into the process of looking at homes I really just want to get it over and done with.
  3. My hunger pains were barely even noticeable today and even weirder I had this amazing feeling of buzz and energy at around 3.30 pm. My team suggested that I eat some food but it was a moment full of clarity and in that moment punched out a revenue model for a business idea i have been procrastinating on for days.

All in all it was a great day and Im feeling super positive about this one meal a day diet experiment.

Day 4

When it was about 5 pm today (Thursday) I was thinking to myself I had only eaten 3 times since Sunday night, obviously my meal of the day was to come, but it was still a bizarre thing to realise. Amazingly I must admit that today was by far the easiest day of the one meal a day eating program. I didn’t really feel hungry all day and wasn’t really even thinking about the fact that I wasn’t eating like two days ago.

I did get that same feeling of clarity today and just an awe of being sound of mind. The only thing I can really think of is that you don’t have those eating hangovers like you usually do say after lunch. Where you feel like taking a nap, in fact its much the opposite. I can’t even think of the last time I felt like I had a pep in my step around 4 pm but it is now becoming a regular thing for me. Almost a mini buzz of some kind. Again very hard to put into words.

Overall at this stage just short of being half way through my 10 days I can say that I have not really felt weak or light headed. I’m feeling really positive and more enthused everyday. The test will really come after tomorrow as we hit the weekend and not being occupied by work. My one meal on Sunday will be lunch which is different so hopefully that doesn’t throw me out. Very much looking to the weigh in tomorrow.

Day 5

Today started with a weigh in and to be honest this was quite the deflating exercise. Obviously understanding the rapid weight loss of the first 2 days on the one meal a day diet was most likely due to water weight loss, I was not expecting the next two days of fasting to have the dial move in the other direction. As mentioned above after 2 days of one meal a day i had dropped 3.8 kgs and was at 109kg’s but this mornings weigh in it seems that I was sitting at 109.5.

I have to admit that this was quite the psychological blow. I must admit though I did still commit to the whole day of fasting and have a hearty meal at night going out for dumplings with some friends. Again another successful day of only eating the one meal a day. I was admittedly feeling a little flat today but I do believe this had a lot to do with the weigh in.

Day 6 & 7

I have bundled these days together because it was the weekend and I think the hang over of the weigh in kicked in. I capitulated by 3pm on Saturday when my family was having a late lunch. After a full day of house hunting my mind was spent and sitting there watching my family eat lunch together was torture.

So as it turns out the weekend was a fail. The experiment lasted 5 days with strict one meal a day.

Saturday night was a big celeberation of a friends birthday and a sleep over and my folks house with a gathering of my siblings to celebrate a group birthday sessions so I decided to let loose and forget about the OMAD for the weekend.

I have made a self recommitment though that I will indeed punch out the next 5 days of one meal a day plan. Then it will be holiday time which spells the definite end of this experiment.

I do think so far I have come to that understanding that during the work week, OMAD is fairly simple to intertwine into your life. The weeknd on the other hand thats a damn challenge. So onto the next 5 days of one meal a day and I shall continue to report on days 8 to 12 of my 10 day experiment.

Day 8

Gahhh! Off the rails well and truly. Well not as catastrophic as it sounds, but today found it hard to get past 1pm today and I have capitulated to the hunger. Might just have to rename this to the 5 day challenge.

Feel: A little disapointed in myself.

Day 9

It’s time to call this experiment quits. I will definitely give this another crack on my return from Bali.