Stuff You Should Know Podcast Review

Stuff You Should Know Podcast Review

In my continuous search for being informed, keeping my mind fresh and open to new ideas and concepts. I have decided to take a look at a new podcast (to me of course), and this is my Stuff You Should Know Podcast Review. This podcast is hosted by two gentlemen, Josh Clark and Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant. Both of the hosts also write for the popular blog ‘How Stuff Works’, which is the producer of this popular podcast.  Production value of this podcast is top notch, with the sound quality being one of the stand out characteristics and is a shining example on how podcasts should be produced.  Whilst the topics are of a serious nature, the jovial nature of both the hosts allows for a sense of comedic surprise and banter, bringing topics, which could be seen as scientifically overwhelming are brought down to the average Joe’s level.  Not that these host’s are average Joe’s, they just know how to execute what can be seen as things with a serious nature to a more enjoyable experience. In fact I would add that their methods of explaining and demonstrating topics in this fashion, could indeed be an example of how to teach topics in a way that is much more palatable to all.

I should also state this is not a science podcast, it is generally more about everyday topics which are discussed and broken down, discovering truths and realities and somewhat dispelling any popular culture rumours and understanding what is actually happening.  A great example is of one of their most recent podcasts on Nuclear Power. To most, hearing the topic of Nuclear Power is something that people naturally have negative connotations, especially here in Australia, where many frown upon the use of this energy source.  They delve into the realities of the new technology, Nuclear Fusion vs the traditional and more well known , Nuclear Fission.  Understanding that there is a significant difference between the two is something all people should know and that the development of the newer technology is something that could be an energy source, which could be game changing and possibly the channel of clean energy the whole world needs.  Also to understand the difference in the two in the areas of possible disaster was actually promising to hear, with the current fission technology still obviously quite unbalanced and volatile, if something were to go wrong.  The new fusion technology is almost zero risk averse.

At this stage I am rather new to the Podcast, but it is definitely one, which I feel adds value to my listening time.  I thoroughly enjoy the delivery of the show and feel I actually learn a lot from what the guys are talking about.  If you are a curious mind like me, I would highly recommend giving these guys a spin, there are well over 500 episodes in their back catalogue and plenty of different topics that might just be the thing, you are wanting to find some more information about. Another fine podcast and there is a reason that they are as popular as they are.  For more information follow the links below:



Smart Passive Income Podcast Review

Smart Passive Income Podcast Review

I love to admit when I have a man crush and I must say that Pat Flynn the creator of Smart Passive Income Blog and Podcast, is one of them, so here is my Smart Passive Income Podcast Review.  I found an instant connection to Pat, after hearing his story of losing his job (just as I had lost my job) at an architecture firm and his journey from there, has been absolutely amazing.  He is now at the top of the list of people I would love to meet and have a conversation with.  I have to say, without stumbling across the world of Podcasts, which, in general I had no idea how awesome the realm was, my life perspective wouldn’t be what it is today.

Like with any new interest, you have your stumbling ground of finding things that interest you and when I found the Smart Passive Income Podcast, it was like discovering the online mentor you wish you had when you first started on your learning journey. Personally I have been working within the e-commerce area for just over 2 years and it has only been of late that I have decided to work up my skills and learning within all things online.  The flow on effect of discovering this podcast was opening my eyes to the many opportunities that are out there.  I realised then and there, that e-commerce was not the only avenue to making a living online. Helping me get my head around what was once scorned upon and floated around like a dirty word, I had a new appreciation for what could be done with affiliate marketing, if applied in an ethical manner.

Screen shot 2014-11-23 at 4.03.02 PMPat has amazing production values and provides extremely insightful views into the world of Passive Income.  His candid and relaxed nature, allows his personality to come across and becomes instantly likeable. If you are indeed inclined to that style. The transparency with how he works, pretty much close to giving up all his methods and sharing as many helpful resources along the way.  His range of guests are also unbelievable, I guess when you build up an online brand as he has done, in what I would say is an extremely short journey to success, you’re going to get noticed.  His guests range from online gurus such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferris and Ramit Sethi. Although hearing from the big guns is something I find inspiring. What I feel gives it the edge, is when he gets a guest who has turned a small idea into extremely successful stories of online entrepreneurship. It allows anyone to think that, if they apply themselves to what ever interest or hobby that they are highly involved with, they to, can be successful.

If you are someone who is highly passionate about something outside of your 9-5 grind, then I highly recommend, like I did getting into this Podcast and listen to it from episode number 1.  Drop listening to your music or crappy radio stations, start learning from the best on how you can also become a successful online entrepreneur.  Smart Passive Income will help steer your thoughts and ideas, like you have never done before.  It is truly an inspiring podcast, which you will get plenty of hints, tips and ideas from.  But like anything, this world, if you want to be successful in it, it requires dedication and effort, the ability to network and the ability to have the drive to change your own world.  Pat think’s outside the square, he gives as much as he can, even sharing how much he earns, with his monthly income report.  You can’t doubt this guys knowledge or success (over 10 million downloads) and whilst I have been intoxicated by the thoughts of what if? I have only just started my journey also.  Thank you Pat for you inspiration and guidance.

Check out the Podcast

Screw95 Review – How to make money online

Screw95 Review – How to make money online

Jay Wessman aka the lazy ass stoner the creator of Screw95 randomly popped into my world when I wanted to find out more about SEO. Then I stumbled across his videos on affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing? Simply, it is making commissions through web referrals when people purchase an item. You know, you’ve seen those banners in side bars and stupid pop ups that sometimes come up trying to sell you something. Well thats traditionally what most people know it as. Another example of affiliate marketing is on review websites. So for example, a website reviews a certain product and then they have a link on the page where you can go to purchase the product. That link you clicked, earns the writer a commission if you end up purchasing the item. I’m guessing this is the part where you might be thinking, how you can also join this world of affiliate marketers? The amazing part is that by only spending a few hours a day, you can build a website that will potentially create you another source of income over time. This is my Screw95 review.

Jay is totally raw and honest in his delivery of content, which makes him a very good teacher of online stuff. Yes stuff. So I watched a few more of his videos including the ones on affiliate marketing and got caught up in this possible world of making money online. I continued to learn that he has also created a program, a step by step video guide, where he holds your hand digitally through the process of setting up an affiliate marketing website. He is concise but also thorough and it is broken up into several modules, which are very easy to follow. I started my first website not long ago going through the process on a ‘ridiculous’ niche and it is now beginning to gain some traction. I’m a bit excited.

If you are working some crappy 9-5 job that annoys you. Why not take a look at the Screw95 program, it’s reasonably priced at $97. It seriously is an opportunity for anyone one, who wants to have a try at something else, something a little different. The potential is really in the idea of honing down a specific niche of product or interest, that has some search traffic but not huge, just some.  Overwhelmingly mainstream types of product or services typically will not work with this program. So while the structure is there for you to be able to execute something with this SCREW95 program, the end result is still only as good as the niche you select. It’s an opportunity if you can think of a somewhat popular untouched patch of the web. If successful, some people earn anywhere from $100 to $10,000 a month and even more in some cases, oh and this typically on cruise control once the hard work is done.

I thought the Screw95 program was brilliant, well laid out and well explained. The bonus in this product, is that it makes you start thinking about the web as a different place, a place where you can potentially earn some money. Trust me, there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you’re not being a douche about it. The other bonus is that you will learn to build a website through this program as well. It’s much easier than most people think. Let’s just say if I can do it, then most people should be able to. So learn a skill that most people don’t know and potentially earn some money from it. It’s only $97, sounds like a good deal to me. Check out Screw95 now.


*Oh and just a disclaimer, please click my links if you are interested, because well, it’s an affiliate link.

China Import Formula Free Training Review

This is my review of China Import Formula Free Training review. A few weeks ago, I had a ‘sponsored’ post within my Facebook feed that seemed fairly inviting.  It was from the China Import Formula advertising their free 3 hour training seminar (valued at $197) on importing goods from China.  Now there’s nothing wrong with people providing free training, but this was definitely not training.  The presentation was full of ‘are you with me’s’ and just a whole bunch of tacky cliche sayings. I need to add one cliche to this experience.  It’s totally a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The three hours a story of the success and failures of Brendan Elias’s journey into importing from China.

My main gripe with this whole scenario, is that it seemed to be aimed at people who seemed a tad desperate.  I mean a free seminar on how to import from China? How could I have been so naive? In a wrap, it is basically a three hour sales pitch, where examples of products and vague steps of how to begin your journey on importing from China are given.  Brendan who clearly has experience in importing and lets you know from the outset you could begin your journey with as little as $1,000.  That’s right, all you would need is $1,000 to get started on your adventure. Seems a little far fetched don’t you think? Well of course it is.

But here is the gotchya….. the sales pitch drivels on for around 2.5 hours and then it gets to the crunch, where you will be given a piece of paper, which has all these different things listed on it that will take you to your next step on your importing career. You go through the list and there is something like $17,000 worth of products, which are avialable at the China Import Formula strategy and training course.  I could not help but cringe when I heard the line, ‘but your price today is only $5,000, you can sign up today for the China Import Formula, but this price will only be for today’.  GIVE ME YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS NOW! Buy, buy, buy!

Now I’m not doubting this information ‘maybe’ indeed extremely valuable, I am not denying that at all (because I did not sign up of course) as I was highly sceptical of this hard selling tactic and felt well, that the whole seminar was a very dishonest approach to using the word ‘free’.  My beef is with the execution of this.  It reeks of sleazy 80’s style selling.  Now I must admit I did get some tips from this ‘Free Training’, but I would hardly call it training, the information you receive is no different to information you could find by having a brisk search online.  I did not leave that room feeling like I was ready to start my life in importing from China.  So my advice is don’t waste your time on this 3 hour long sales pitch.  If you are interested in importing from China, just contact these guys and sign up to their $5,000 program.  The other option is learn the hard way and get out there and do it.  I’m choosing the latter.

Think Like a Freak Book Review

Think Like a Freak Book Review

Back in 2010, I was travelling to the USA for my honeymoon and as usual made a stop at the Airport bookstore.  I purchased the book Freakonomics (2006).  This book was definitely one, which opened my eyes to the world of looking at things differently.  Since then the authors Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner have started a movement, including their follow up, Super Freakonomics, TV series and their extremely popular Podcast.  

Their third book instalment Think Like a Freak, follows a similar trend to their previous two books.  For those of you have already read their first two books you will be familiar with the writing style and the themes present.  Looking at situations, which are thought provoking and helps people to understand the idea of thinking like a freak.  What is a freak, well judging by the examples that they give, simply it’s taking any given situation and thinking about it differently.  With the old saying of thinking outside the square.

81FqcVG-0VL._AA1500_One of the major insights I took form the book was a section talking about the hardest things one can say.  These simple words are ‘I don’t know’.  In essence admitting that you don’t know something can lead to a new learning curve of understanding.  But admitting that you don’t know is that first step in understanding and taking control.  Laced through out the book are examples of people who they classify as people who think like freaks, but by no means is this a how to guide on thinking like a freak.  It is more a guide of how people do think like a freak.  Again the best part of this is that the material is presented to you.  What you do with it, is up to you.

My favourite story from this book, being Australian, was actually learning the story of the Nobel Prize winners of two Australian physicians Barry Marshall and Robin Warren who in 2005 were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine “for their discovery of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori and its role in gastritis and peptic ulcer disease”. Against all odds and against a heavy weight industry wanting to protect what was worth $8 Billion dollars in preventive measures, they soon found the bacteria (which to some was quite laughable in the community) that attributed to stomach ulcers, dispelling the long thought idea that they were caused by stress and hereditary measures and of course the possibility of a cure.

So if you are person who is stuck in a rut and looking to think differently, this title well definitely help you pave a way at looking at things differently.  Asks the questions you need to ask to get to a new level of thought and understanding.  As stated it is not a guide but more of a thought provoking exercise, similar to what they have published previously in their other titles.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and for fans of Dubner and Levitt, I don’t think you will be disappointed with this instalment.

Buy this book now on Amazon.

Creativity Inc Book Review

Creativity Inc Book Review

Are you a budding manager who is looking for a management model that has been proven to work.  Well look no further than Creativity Inc, the story of Ed Catmull the co-counder of Pixar Entertainment and his passion for creating a progressive forward thinking and acceptance of continuous change within the corporate structure.  In a simple statement, this may well be the greatest leadership and management book ever written.  As Ed states, “I would devote myself to learning how to build not just a successful company but a sustainable creative culture.”

For those of you stuck in the corporate crunch, a lot of things you will hear in this book will make you instantly think, wow! With one internal goal revolving his want to launch a computer generated animation to the world, his dedication and purpose has turned ones own goal into a world changing and defining company. The beauty of this book, is that it is both a story based on Ed’s life, in building the Pixar company and all the lessons he has learnt along the way, structuring the stories to explain methods that you can also adopt within your own organisation.  To use the old mantra of thinking out the square, this book is all about looking at people management and fusing it with creative mind to bring what is clearly a methodology that works.

While many companies are risk averse, not willing to take chance on opportunities that may well seem by most conservative people to be an uncomfortable proposition, his attitude towards failure and the fear of failure, is to eliminate it.  Promote people to not think about the failure, but more what can be learnt from a continuous improvement model.  That ideas can continuously change and evolve and not to hold to the original premise of ideas, from start to finish is a recipe in itself for failure.  The discussion of the ‘brains trust’ is a simple way of looking at ideas and receiving continuous feedback during the creative process.

Ed is quite candid with divulging his errors and what he has learnt from them and ironically the ability to introduce a candid approach to both his and his organisations communication is one, which I believe is a highlight.  Flattening the company structure so that all feel their input and contributions are as valuable as those above.  Many organisations could learn a heck of a lot from this. Empowering your colleagues to have the ability to not fear the what if moment, if something happens to go wrong, but to understand and learn from these situations is quite refreshing.

Whilst many company leaders may state that they are not in a creative field, stand corrected, because without creativity there is no forward progression within any industry.  His stories of dealing with different personality types is quite interesting but fundamentally everything comes down to a certain level of trust.  While many of us creating companies get that continuous vibe of things are too tuff to continue to handle, getting the perspective of the pressures of someone who was under the pump for several decades before breaking through, is something everyone can take with a certain comfort, that even the best of us struggle.  Nothing is ever easy and as the saying goes if it was, then everyone would be doing it.

If you want to open your mind to a different way of doing things within your culture and organisation, I highly recommend you get 10 copies of this book and share it amongst your team.  You can only benefit and while you may only take a few things away from this amazing book, they can only benefit your organisation in the long run.  Be inspired, be thought provoking, take risks, be continuously improving yourself and your ideas and most of all eliminate fear of failure and you will build an organisation built on empowerment and trust, just as Ed has done over his amazing career.  I feel tremendously inspired and am thinking of ways to implement what I have learnt into my huge company of two.

Do it, buy your 10 copies of Creativity Inc from Amazon now.

smart cuts book review

Smart Cuts Book Review

In a world where people are wanting to get a few steps ahead of the next person, in this book Shane Snow delves into the world of how people have managed to use the power of lateral thinking in certain situations to get ahead of the pack.  There is a lot to like about the content of this book, but the stand out feature of the book, is the writing style.  Shane writes with what I would call a modern vibe, as opposed to traditional ‘business thinking’ books, which are some what over edited, and have a robotic feel.  Smart Cuts comes across as if Shane is actually having a conversation with you, telling stories that have wowed him into writing this book.

Don’t buy Smart Cuts if your looking for an answer or a methodology on how to actually make smart cuts, it is a story based analysis of situations and what people have done in their own situations.  This  is not a book about jumping queues through short cuts, its about analysing the current state of a system and what can be done differently in order to progress quicker than others.  My biggest out take from Smart Cuts, similar to when reading books by the genius minds behind Freakonomics, is to just look at things differently.  As we all know humans are creatures of habit, so in turn we typically never stop to think and say hey, how can I do this differently.

My favourite stories in the book, being a huge fan of comedy (in fact am trying to crawl my way into the scene) was the comparison in two careers.  The one of Jimmy Fallon and that of Louis CK.  As most of you all know that Jimmy has had a short rise to fame, but most people don’t realise the time Louis CK (arguably recognised as the numero uno in stand up comedy today) had taken to get to where he was.  But the the story of CK’s reassessment is crucial into understanding how he himself, finally took a smart cut.

If you are a budding leader, or an entertainer, or a big thinking entrepreneur.  This book will definitely help you to get stuck out of standard mindset and make you realise it is ok to take risk and do things differently.  Whilst as the word risk assumes, that things might not work out.  When they do actually work out, well this could be your way of going from genius programmer to a winning car racing driver, from .Com entrepreneur to space explorer or reinventing your countries education system to be more refined by teaching and realising that application rather than understanding the basics is beneficially more efficient.  This book is inspiring for forward thinkers to know that some of the crazy idea’s that you have, are in fact and probably, Smart Cuts.

Grab a copy of it from Amazon today.