vegan products in australia

Vegan Products in Australia nearly Doubles since 2014

A recent report was released by consumer data giant Mintel which shows that vegan products have grown by a staggering 92 percent in just 2 years. This report released the day prior to Australia Day, a day typically celebrated by barbecuing animal products, demonstrates the phenomenal growth of consumer based vegan products.

Looking further into this report it shows that nearly one in eight products hold a product label claim of vegetarian, while 6% hold the claim of being vegan. There has been a stellar shift in consumption habits of these products as more and more people discover both the health benefits of reducing animal products in their diet, along with the environmentally destructive elements of livestock agriculture. This report indicates that nearly 1 in 7 Australians have said “that they avoided or intended to avoid red meat in 2016.”

Bizarrely in contrast Australia still remains the largest nation per capita in the consumption of meat, but this data does demonstrate a massive change in attitudes towards plant based foods. As someone who is both a proud Australian and an avid plant based eater for ethical and environmental reasons, this new information pleases me to no end. I’m extremely happy to see this transformation of a country that can do so much more as global citizens.

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