China Import Formula Free Training Review

This is my review of China Import Formula Free Training review. A few weeks ago, I had a ‘sponsored’ post within my Facebook feed that seemed fairly inviting.  It was from the China Import Formula advertising their free 3 hour training seminar (valued at $197) on importing goods from China.  Now there’s nothing wrong with people providing free training, but this was definitely not training.  The presentation was full of ‘are you with me’s’ and just a whole bunch of tacky cliche sayings. I need to add one cliche to this experience.  It’s totally a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The three hours a story of the success and failures of Brendan Elias’s journey into importing from China.

My main gripe with this whole scenario, is that it seemed to be aimed at people who seemed a tad desperate.  I mean a free seminar on how to import from China? How could I have been so naive? In a wrap, it is basically a three hour sales pitch, where examples of products and vague steps of how to begin your journey on importing from China are given.  Brendan who clearly has experience in importing and lets you know from the outset you could begin your journey with as little as $1,000.  That’s right, all you would need is $1,000 to get started on your adventure. Seems a little far fetched don’t you think? Well of course it is.

But here is the gotchya….. the sales pitch drivels on for around 2.5 hours and then it gets to the crunch, where you will be given a piece of paper, which has all these different things listed on it that will take you to your next step on your importing career. You go through the list and there is something like $17,000 worth of products, which are avialable at the China Import Formula strategy and training course.  I could not help but cringe when I heard the line, ‘but your price today is only $5,000, you can sign up today for the China Import Formula, but this price will only be for today’.  GIVE ME YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS NOW! Buy, buy, buy!

Now I’m not doubting this information ‘maybe’ indeed extremely valuable, I am not denying that at all (because I did not sign up of course) as I was highly sceptical of this hard selling tactic and felt well, that the whole seminar was a very dishonest approach to using the word ‘free’.  My beef is with the execution of this.  It reeks of sleazy 80’s style selling.  Now I must admit I did get some tips from this ‘Free Training’, but I would hardly call it training, the information you receive is no different to information you could find by having a brisk search online.  I did not leave that room feeling like I was ready to start my life in importing from China.  So my advice is don’t waste your time on this 3 hour long sales pitch.  If you are interested in importing from China, just contact these guys and sign up to their $5,000 program.  The other option is learn the hard way and get out there and do it.  I’m choosing the latter.

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