Digital Music Marketing for Beginners: Part 2

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In part 1 I laid out the process of digital music marketing for beginners, although the first step in the process was ‘Finding Fans’, to understand this whole process I believe you need to jump to the next step to understand the process a little better. That step is ‘Give Value’. But what does that exactly mean? Well in the the general digital marketing space, the most common list generation strategy is to provide what I like to describe as the bait. It’s when an online marketer or blogger provides something of value and in exchange the person landing on their site will provide and email address to receive the item. Typically they are things such as e-books and how-to’s. In this case as a musician providing them with something of value for free can be the lure you need to get them to sign up to your email list and this should be the number one priority.

For this I would prescribe a well put together landing page on your bands website. One which give a brief rundown of the band, including:

  • Who you are?
  • Where you are from?
  • What style?
  • Achievements
  • Music releases

Alongside this you will require to place your best tracks video from youtube or a similar video hosting platform and embed this in your landing page so your potential fan can quickly press play and see if they like you. This is your opportunity to make a new fan. Once they listen to you and enjoy what you are doing, this is your turn to in essence close the deal, where you provide them with something in exchange for their information. In my case with my band, we have a back catalogue of music and in preparation for the release of our new album we will be giving our previous release away for free if they sign up to our email list. Fair trade? I think so, get their information and if they genuinely like your music and your band, I’m pretty sure they would be interested in staying in contact with you.

I know many people are going to argue that giving your music away devalues it, but I am of the belief is that you want people to listen to your music. The reality is you are nobody to them, yes nobody, it sounds harsh but it is the reality. You are an extremely small fish in a huge ocean of bands. It’s amazing what the word free can do. Your one and only job is to get people to listen to your music and sign up to then be connected with you. Digital Music Marketing is all about gaining information and using that information to build a relationship with them. Think of it this way, whilst you didn’t make any money off them initially, that giveaway that you gave them allows them to enjoy your music and now you have the potential of making future sales to them in the future of new material, merchandise and live performances.

So hopefully you get what I am saying here, but if you are still a little but unsure about the whole value piece and understanding why it is pivotal to gain information feel free to comment below and I’ll be sure to answer what ever questions you have. In Part 3 I will be going back to the first step, which is ‘Finding new Fans’. If you don’t want to miss out on that, feel free to sign up to my newsletter bellow and you will be notified of Part 3.

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