having haters is a good thing

Why having haters is a good thing

For a long time I have struggled with putting my words out to the world, for the the fear of what people would think of me but the truth is having haters is a good thing. The fear that I will attract some kind of hate. You know when you doubt yourself and your own internal voice is saying stuff like: What are people going to think? What are people going to say? But that is a hurdle that exists only within your own mind. It is something that I actively made a decision to get over. While accepting I may get some hate along the way, it doesn’t bother me what meaningless opinions people may have. The other thing you also need to realise is that haters are a good thing. It means you are succeeding.

Not long ago I came across a great haters acronym:







Whether you are an artist, a musician, a writer, an athlete, or basically someone who is trying to achieve something. You are bound to be hit by some haters. But as you can see, the acronym spells it out pretty good. Angry people who hate other people succeeding, because well simply, they are not. Being a winner allows you to have empathy for these people and your job as someone who is succeeding is to basically not add flame to the fire, because that’s what a hater is looking for. Take note, that if you see a sudden rise in hate for your efforts, it can only mean one thing, that you are succeeding. People may argue differently, but guess what, they are haters.

Remember success is not given it is earned and unlike these haters you are putting yourself out there. You are trying to be a better person, while these people are sad, sad souls, with absolutely zero self confidence and zero self esteem, other wise, why would someone hate? Because it isn’t you they hate, it sadly is themselves. It’s true, if you are a hater and reading this, just remember that negativity will get you nowhere in life. But if you are happy with the life of nothingness, good on you. Free will is what we all have, but maybe think that there maybe another way. Let me also clarify, there is a big difference in blatant negative BS hate style opinions and critical feedback. Feedback is good if its constructive. Hate is just hate, it’s pretty easy to see the difference.

Here is an experiment for you guys out there receiving some hate and I know it’s going to sound bizarre, but the next time you get some hate from someone. Try and offer them some help. Yes offer them a hand. Say something like, I’m sorry you feel that way, is there anything I can do to make you feel better? It throws it back on them, while a good percentage of the time you will probably get more hate, but don’t worry because know within yourself that you are a better person and you are doing good things, that they probably wish they were doing. It feels great to be achieving, relish that moment and it’s pretty simple, love thy hater.

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