how many pints in a keg

How many pints in a keg in Australia?

As the beer loving nation that we are in Australia, I’m surprised that the knowledge of how many pints in a keg isn’t common knowledge. Well, the surprising fact here is that a commercial sized beer keg has 49.5 litres (Australian standard beer keg size) so with the knowledge of the standard pint size being 568ml, doing some simple maths, you will find out that there are approximately 87 pints in a keg. That’s a whole load of pints of beer!

How may pints in a keg vs other drinking sizes

Now for those of you who don’t just drink the old pint size, you may be interested in finding out how a keg translates to other drinking sizes.

How many schooners in a keg you ask? There are 120 beer schooners (425ml) per keg.

How many stubbies in a keg you ask? There are 145 beer stubbies (345ml) in a keg.

How many jugs in a keg you ask? There are 45 beer jugs (1140ml) per keg.

How to figure out how many kegs you will need:

But you’re probably wondering these numbers because you are throwing a party of some kind and you are looking to order in a few kegs for this party. Are you trying to figure out how many beer kegs to order? Well, why not try a bit of guestimating.

Pick a number of drinks you might think people will drink at this event of yours. Let’s say for example sake its going to be 6 pints each. You are going to have 50 people at your event. So that means you would need to have approximately 300 pints of beer. So that means you need to divide the total pints by the number of pints per keg. In this case that would make it 300 (total pints) divided by 87 (pints per keg). That means you would need 3.4 kegs and rounding up that would take you to 4 kegs to have more than enough to cater for the needs of your event.

So now you know how many kegs you need, we wish you a happy time!

How long does a keg last after you tap it?

Well this definitely depends on the type of beet that is in the keg, there really is no set answer to this question. You will find different answers across the web and even if you ask different experts they will give you different answers. With the research that I have done you will find that a keg will last anywhere between 20 and 120 days, which is quite the range but as mentioned it does depend on a lot of factors. Typically you can taste when your beer is starting to go stale.

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