How Redundancy Changed My Life

How Redundancy Changed My Life

There was a moment in life where I realised that the system was not meant for me and realise how redundancy changed my life for the better. For over a decade of trying to build my career profile within the corporate marketing world, having worked across a range of large companies, that time was coming to an end. It was August 2012 and I’d just experienced the greatest loss of my life. One of my dearest and closest friends had been taken away from me. I was in despair and my mind was in another world. The day after preparing and delivering the most heart wrenching speech I’d ever given, his eulogy, I found out abruptly that my job had been made redundant.

How redundancy changed my life? It filled me with anger and confusion, I was extremely frustrated with what had happened. It felt like the whole world was against me. I cried and screamed with rage many a time, but it was the release of energy I required to move past what had happened. Although I must admit, it took me a few months to get back up on my feet, I did awake from this momentary depression in a state of realisation. I realised that life is way too short to sit around and wondering and hoping for things to happen, the loss of my friend Andrew, was a deep reminder of that. The other was that I’d allowed myself to become disposable, I was just another cog in a rather large and beige machine.

So what to do from here? The options were limitless and I was now creator of my own destiny. My wife (whos job was also made redundant a few days after mine) and I decided to launch an e-commerce business. One which has become extremely successful and allowed us the time to do things that we had always wanted to do. The realisation of the options in life was quite startling at first and quite hard to become accustomed to, as we had been trained in the mode of nine to five, Monday to Friday. It was an adjustment process that took time, but in the end, we got there. With the business well established and profitable we have decided it is time for our next challenge in life, so as I type, we have the business for sale. The dream we have built can now be passed onto someone else, who can also experience the dream opportunity we have created.

Whilst I might return to a day job as a result of the sale of the business, I will no longer be content with that employment as the be all and end all as a means of income. With my tunnel vision now switched off and the realisation of the many opportunities that life has. With some hard work, grit, determination and passion, you can truly achieve great things. I look forward to the next chapter of this adventure called life and I look forward to helping other people realise their potential. I am always open to talking to people about the possibilities in life, so feel free to contact me through the comments below and if you would like any advice on anything, I am more than willing to share my thoughts if you are open to receiving it.

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