How to camp for free in Australia

So you want to get out on the road and go camping around Australia.

Well we have the perfect resource for you to help you find your way in your tight ass journey of camping around Australia

The site you need to go to is called Smart Camper.

They have specific pages across the board on Free Camping in Victoria, Free Camping in NSW and super camping checklist for newbies.

If you are in the game to get on the road and go camping, Smart Camper is your place to check out for some greate ideas on where to stay and what to do.

You can never be too prepared when it comes to camping and if you are a newbie, be sure to be super prepared.

Good luck on your upcoming journey. It is basically part of the Aussie culture to get out there and camp.

If you have the spare time to do it, make sure you go hard and have the time of your life. Doing it on the cheap is the best way too because a lot of these paid campsites are getting pretty pricey and not everyone can afford it.

Make the most of these lists and let me know what you think?

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