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How to deal with stress | 10 Ways to reduce Stress

You should be extremely glad you’ve landed on this guide on how to deal with stress. It is something that can be a massive drain on life and can lead to depression and anxiety. At the end of this guide I will provide you with a succinct list of 10 ways to reduce your stress.

Stress is something most of deal with on a daily basis. It can be in small levels or extreme levels, depending on the myriad of complex things our life has to handle. These causes of stress include and are not limited to:

  • Stress from work pressures
  • Stress from financial problems
  • Stress from issues with your partner
  • Stress from schooling and studies

Why you should deal with stress?

If you don’t deal with stress you could fall victim to it taking your life. That’s right 110 million people die every year from things directly related to stress every year. That’s kind of mind boggling right?

It’s hard not to get stuck in the bubble of stress and over think things. Sometimes we can end up in an endless loop of over thinking, over analysis of things that are typically are not as a big of a problem as we perceive them to be. While this seems simple in theory to just not over think things, lets look at some practical steps from some of the best thought leaders in this space.

How to deal with stress according to Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is probably the best known life coach and personal development coach to have lived. He has helped tens of thousands of people better themselves and Evan Charmichael put together this great video detailing some tactics on how to deal with stress.

  1. Decide to live in a beautiful state – you get used used to what you tolerate. So if you continue to tolerate things in your life you condition yourself to  put up with things you shouldn’t. Just as we do with stress we make a decision to tolerate this feeling. You can change that by dealing with the things that stress you out and not accepting this stress. Practice and train to be in a state of being in a positive mindset. Stressing about things will not change the outcome of the predicament but it will definitely effect your own well being. So do not tolerate this feeling.
  2. Raise your standards – creating rituals that allows you to get better. Always start with the why. Surround yourself with people who are positive rather than those who drag you down to their negative mindsets. You are a product of what you surround yourself. Rise above this and raise your standard by solving the problems that yo need to.  That’s where you can get momentum.
  3. Better yourself – always be wanting to better yourself. Whether thats learning something new, reading for 30 mins a day, dedicating yourself to living healthier, exercising. What ever it is, this will train your mind to be always thinking about being better and to be always aiming to be continuously improving. Tip: find yourself a role model that can help guide you to what you want to be. Let them be your inspiration to the being the person you can be.
  4. Believe – practice in your head that you can achieve. It’s not just physical its also mental and moving into your potential is tapping into the idea that you can do it. A belief in the potential will help you achieve what you want to. Believe in your potential and then make it happen physically.
  5. Find meaning in your life – money doesn’t matter at all, do things that help others this will bring meaning.

How to deal with stress according to Brendan Burchard 

Brendan Burchard is a New York Times best selling writer and motivational speaker. He has a Youtube channel dedicated to self development and motivation. I have turned to Bredan’s video’s over the past six years or so and really enjoy his method of motivating. It’s actionable and to the point.

  1. Decide not to be a stress case – making an informed decision not to stress. Stress is not something that in tangible it is something we make up in our mind. Since we are making it up it should be something that we can decide not to do as well. Do not stress just do. Most stress comes from two things:
    1. a false time crunch and  fake deadlines – find the truth about these deadlines.
    2.  making things in our mind more important than they actually are.
  2. There is no reason that we actually need to be stressed. To alleviate this:
    1. Get some perspective on this stress
    2. Learn to breath, the deep breathing we do the calmer we can get. Practice deep breaths.
  3. Dealing with being overwhelmed:
    1. Go for a short stroll outside to clear your mind, try 20-40 mins.
    2. Get organised – most of the stress in our life is being unorganised. So work it out! Get organised.

How to deal with stress according to Jocko Willink 

I’ve only just started listening to Jocko, purely on accident. I think I was looking up something on dealing with a bad boss. Which I do have and found that to be quite insightful. Jocko is an ex Navy Seal and now hosts a weekly podcast.

His stance on stress is to really get perspective on the stress that you have. There is typically people out there in the world that are facing unimaginable stress that are in no comparison to the things that you are going through.

You must detach from this to understand this and perspective.

The major reason you are feeling these stresses is due to not having discipline in getting ahead of a situation, this is something you can control.

For things that you cannot control, a way to deal with it if you can’t get control of it. You need to embrace some of the things you can slightly control. Embrace that you can’t control it, you need to detach and realise this and just deal with it as it comes. If you cannot control it take that stress and turn it into your ally. Take advantage of this feeling don’t fight it, turn it on itself. Use it to make yourself think more and learn more and use that stress as a catalyst to make yourself better.

10 Ways to reduce Stress

  1. Get organised – most stress is cause by not being organised and having the discipline to be on top of the things you need to get done or achieve.
  2. Learn to say ‘No’ – not for the sake of it but this goes hand in hand with point 1. If you are organised you will understand you capabilities you will then know what capacity you have to complete something. If you don’t have the ability to do so, say ‘No’ or give realistic time frames on when something can be done.
  3. Get physical – yeah its hard work to do exercise but this can be crazy beneficial to your stress levels.
  4. Get more sleep – being tired may not cause the stress but being tired will put your stress on steroids. If there is one thing you can do that’s easy go to sleep earlier. Sleep more.
  5. In line with point 4, cut down on the depressants and stimulants in your consumption. Yes that means coffee, cigarettes, recreation drugs and alcohol. Get back to a level state of mind without the use of these. They might make you feel good for the moment, but they also affect your stress levels. Also don’t use them to help with your stress, you’re just making it worse.
  6. Try some deep breathing or mindfulness activities such as meditation. This can help you to clear your find and get to a level of relaxation which will assist you to work through why you are feeling stressed.
  7. Speak to family, friends or a professional – speaking about whats stressing you out can sometimes alleviate the stress by just getting it out in the open. It can also help by getting advice from someone you trust on your current predicament.
  8. Get some perspective on the situation. Realise it’s not so bad.
  9. Go for short walks – when you start to feel a sense of stress, pause and go outside and get some fresh air go for a short walk and relieve yourself of that stress.
  10. Face what’s stressing you out. Sometimes people do not face whats stressing them and most of the time they would be able to control it. In essence a false sense of stress because you do not act. Act and this will confront whats stressing you. Especially if you can control it.


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