Why most Music Fans Get Stuck In the Past

I was raised to be a fan of good quality music, well at least some of it. My father an immigrant to Australia had quite an eclectic taste in music, which formed the basis of what I started listening to. He was a fan of musicians such as Bob Marley, AC/DC, Elvis, CCR, Bruce Springstein, Michael Jackson, to name a few. The interesting part in reflection is that most of these bands were mainstream popular artists, but mainstream was a whole different ball game back then. Music has evolved and developed over the ages, with genre’s such as rap and heavy metal only coming to prominence in the late 70’s. Around the time I was born interestingly. With the evolution of the computer age, this again has changed and formed a whole new world of electronic music, which of late has spawned a revolution within the EDM world.

With all this change, comes a lot of jaded and misguided individuals, who are well and truly caught up in the world of what their music used to be. Take for example my first encounter with rejection of a musical style, was my father’s incessant need to continually trash how stupid the music I was listening to, that was of course the ridiculous world of Gangsta Rap.  It was obviously something he was not used to and because of his lack of understanding or appreciation, he just thought it was crap. This example still rings true today, with so many people I know today, still caught up in deciding that they are the judge and jury of what they think is ‘good’ music. But this is all qualified by their own previous knowledge, consumption. I will admit that I have been a victim to this crazy non sensical mindset of being stuck in the past. But now I am of the opinion that, who really cares what music people listen to. Really, it is only music.

Yes I said it. It is only music. But music to many of us, is a way of life. To what ever specific style of music they listen can have major influences on the way one leads their lives. In particular their sense of culture and dress sense. When you take a look around the general public, most of the time it is pretty easy to tell, who is a music fan and what kind of music they listen to. You can also see that there are many people out there, who don’t really think it is that important of a thing in life. Those dominated by this sense of connection to their music typically begin in their teens and continues with them, some forever and others it can wain out over time. Like me. Don’t get me wrong I still thoroughly enjoy music and listening to different styles of music, but with time being an extremely limited resource, I can’t see why spending so much time on something that I feel can be so novel can be a good thing.

I must also clarify that by no means is this a dig at musicians or those involved within the industry. I’m just asking for some perspective here. When I hear someone for example, take the elitist ‘Metal’ culture and I think about continued comments in regards to bands such as Parkway Drive and their continuous and somewhat ridiculous spatters about the fact that Parkway Drive is not metal. I kind of think, you know what, who cares? Because I am sure they don’t. Why are these people wasting so much time in trying to bring down a band for not being a specific style and thwarting them because they are a popular band. Sad thing is, that this is coming from their fellow Australians. Who in my opinion, should get off their fucking high horses and congratulate and applaud the efforts of this band from Byron Bay. Your opinion is as irrelevant as you are, now swallow that.

Things are supposed to change, morph and evolve over time. But for some, these negative individuals seem to be scared, that these different music styles are a threat on their lifestyles and continue to try and bring them down. But seriously, what is the point? Why can’t you just be happy with the shit you listen to and focus on that, rather than waisting hours and hours of time thinking about the stuff you don’t enjoy. It’s absolute madness. It’s funny, when I think about religion and music, there always seems to be this similar vibe about both of them. Most of them are trying to get a certain message across, they are just doing it in different ways. Like religion, music cultures are extremely tribal and like to protect and promote their musical religion above all. In reality it is just another thing we do in life. It makes us realise like race and ethnicity that we are all different in our own ways. So do yourself a favour, love the music you do and forget about everything else, because simply it is just wasted time and energy. Go and add some value to the world. It will be much more rewarding.

That was something I simply needed to get off my chest. Thanks for reading.

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