The Richest Comedian in the World: Larry David

“Anyone can be confident with a full head of hair. But a confident bald man – there’s your diamond in the rough.” Larry David

Even if you don’t know who Larry David is, you would at least know the show he co-founded called Seinfeld, because lets be honest, everyone knows Seinfeld. Larry David is the richest comedian in the world, the man is worth $800 million. Yes thats right, $800 million. While he has been an extremely successful person in the entertainment industry, it wasn’t always that way. In one of his acceptance speeches for an award he pointed out a time where he once stopped and found a place on the street in Manhattan that would make a cosy place as a homeless person, he didn’t think that position was far away in life. His mother wanted him to be a mailman, she had dreams for him. But one day he went to a comedy club and thought, hey I can do this. He bombed and bombed badly. Larry is famous for berating his crowds if they didn’t understand what he was talking about. But he continued to persist.

Larry_David_at_the_2009_Tribeca_Film_Festival_2Then in 1988, his good friend Jerry Seinfeld asked him if he wanted to work on this project together. Of course that project was Seinfeld the TV Show. At first he thought it was crazy that NBC was actually considering taking up the show. Lucky for him, they did and Seinfeld arguably has become the most loved and successful sitcom in television history. It’s crazy to think that since the show finally aired in 1998 it has earned over $3 billion dollars in syndication fees and Larry is reported to earn a cool $55 million a year still from it. Larry calls himself a writer, even though he hates it. But he does hate a lot of things, lets be honest, that’s what makes him Larry David.

Interestingly enough, in Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David plays himself in what could be the most narcissistic driven TV show ever. But who cares, it is awesome. Larry David is, “pretty good”, he is weird and awkward, he is angry, but mostly, he’s a pretty interesting and funny person. After years of enjoying Seinfeld, I had no idea why I had never watched Curb Your Enthusiasm, but once I did, I was hooked. I was mesmerised by how this guy thought. I looked up interviews with him and watched in awe as I realised that the TV show is a pretty true to life, a real depiction of who he is. So random, awkward and so candid.

This is how the man thinks, when interviewed by Laugh Factory:

Larry David: Huge success. Right, huge success. I’m a huge success, huh?

Laugh Factory: By most conventional definitions, yes.

Larry David: The only change I can really see is that I don’t have to shop for pants in stores anymore. I can just call up and they’ll bring the pants right over to my house. That’s no small thing. Trying on pants is one of the most humiliating things a man can suffer that doesn’t involve a woman.

Larry lives by this code of just being who he is, he doesn’t give into social norms. He is who he is and the questions he asks of society is what makes him extremely observant. In making those revelations he then has a plethora of material to use for his writing. He know’s you’re thinking about it. You’re just not brave enough to say it. This is absolutely clear by his writing efforts in Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm and if you have seen any of his stand up routines, you will know that this man likes to judge and critique things, especially if he thinks it’s stupid. Most of the time, its pretty dead on.

So what is there to learn from this enigmatic bald man? Never give up, while he burned on the comedy circuit, he persisted and this persistence is what led to his opportunities with Seinfeld. All it takes is that one thing to drive your life to another place. When people offer to help, never be to proud to not take it, in his case it was Jerry Seinfeld who gave him the opportunity. Lastly, don’t be afraid to be yourself, he doesn’t hold back and look where it has gotten him. He doesn’t dress fancy, he says what he wants. If people don’t like it, so what? I can absolutely relate to that and this is why I take someone like Larry David as an inspirational figure, he’d probably choke if he read that.

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