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Jay Wessman aka the lazy ass stoner the creator of Screw95 randomly popped into my world when I wanted to find out more about SEO. Then I stumbled across his videos on affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing? Simply, it is making commissions through web referrals when people purchase an item. You know, you’ve seen those banners in side bars and stupid pop ups that sometimes come up trying to sell you something. Well thats traditionally what most people know it as. Another example of affiliate marketing is on review websites. So for example, a website reviews a certain product and then they have a link on the page where you can go to purchase the product. That link you clicked, earns the writer a commission if you end up purchasing the item. I’m guessing this is the part where you might be thinking, how you can also join this world of affiliate marketers? The amazing part is that by only spending a few hours a day, you can build a website that will potentially create you another source of income over time. This is my Screw95 review.

Jay is totally raw and honest in his delivery of content, which makes him a very good teacher of online stuff. Yes stuff. So I watched a few more of his videos including the ones on affiliate marketing and got caught up in this possible world of making money online. I continued to learn that he has also created a program, a step by step video guide, where he holds your hand digitally through the process of setting up an affiliate marketing website. He is concise but also thorough and it is broken up into several modules, which are very easy to follow. I started my first website not long ago going through the process on a ‘ridiculous’ niche and it is now beginning to gain some traction. I’m a bit excited.

If you are working some crappy 9-5 job that annoys you. Why not take a look at the Screw95 program, it’s reasonably priced at $97. It seriously is an opportunity for anyone one, who wants to have a try at something else, something a little different. The potential is really in the idea of honing down a specific niche of product or interest, that has some search traffic but not huge, just some.  Overwhelmingly mainstream types of product or services typically will not work with this program. So while the structure is there for you to be able to execute something with this SCREW95 program, the end result is still only as good as the niche you select. It’s an opportunity if you can think of a somewhat popular untouched patch of the web. If successful, some people earn anywhere from $100 to $10,000 a month and even more in some cases, oh and this typically on cruise control once the hard work is done.

I thought the Screw95 program was brilliant, well laid out and well explained. The bonus in this product, is that it makes you start thinking about the web as a different place, a place where you can potentially earn some money. Trust me, there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you’re not being a douche about it. The other bonus is that you will learn to build a website through this program as well. It’s much easier than most people think. Let’s just say if I can do it, then most people should be able to. So learn a skill that most people don’t know and potentially earn some money from it. It’s only $97, sounds like a good deal to me. Check out Screw95 now.


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