Smart Cuts Book Review

In a world where people are wanting to get a few steps ahead of the next person, in this book Shane Snow delves into the world of how people have managed to use the power of lateral thinking in certain situations to get ahead of the pack.  There is a lot to like about the content of this book, but the stand out feature of the book, is the writing style.  Shane writes with what I would call a modern vibe, as opposed to traditional ‘business thinking’ books, which are some what over edited, and have a robotic feel.  Smart Cuts comes across as if Shane is actually having a conversation with you, telling stories that have wowed him into writing this book.

Don’t buy Smart Cuts if your looking for an answer or a methodology on how to actually make smart cuts, it is a story based analysis of situations and what people have done in their own situations.  This  is not a book about jumping queues through short cuts, its about analysing the current state of a system and what can be done differently in order to progress quicker than others.  My biggest out take from Smart Cuts, similar to when reading books by the genius minds behind Freakonomics, is to just look at things differently.  As we all know humans are creatures of habit, so in turn we typically never stop to think and say hey, how can I do this differently.

My favourite stories in the book, being a huge fan of comedy (in fact am trying to crawl my way into the scene) was the comparison in two careers.  The one of Jimmy Fallon and that of Louis CK.  As most of you all know that Jimmy has had a short rise to fame, but most people don’t realise the time Louis CK (arguably recognised as the numero uno in stand up comedy today) had taken to get to where he was.  But the the story of CK’s reassessment is crucial into understanding how he himself, finally took a smart cut.

If you are a budding leader, or an entertainer, or a big thinking entrepreneur.  This book will definitely help you to get stuck out of standard mindset and make you realise it is ok to take risk and do things differently.  Whilst as the word risk assumes, that things might not work out.  When they do actually work out, well this could be your way of going from genius programmer to a winning car racing driver, from .Com entrepreneur to space explorer or reinventing your countries education system to be more refined by teaching and realising that application rather than understanding the basics is beneficially more efficient.  This book is inspiring for forward thinkers to know that some of the crazy idea’s that you have, are in fact and probably, Smart Cuts.

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