Smart Passive Income Podcast Review

I love to admit when I have a man crush and I must say that Pat Flynn the creator of Smart Passive Income Blog and Podcast, is one of them, so here is my Smart Passive Income Podcast Review.  I found an instant connection to Pat, after hearing his story of losing his job (just as I had lost my job) at an architecture firm and his journey from there, has been absolutely amazing.  He is now at the top of the list of people I would love to meet and have a conversation with.  I have to say, without stumbling across the world of Podcasts, which, in general I had no idea how awesome the realm was, my life perspective wouldn’t be what it is today.

Like with any new interest, you have your stumbling ground of finding things that interest you and when I found the Smart Passive Income Podcast, it was like discovering the online mentor you wish you had when you first started on your learning journey. Personally I have been working within the e-commerce area for just over 2 years and it has only been of late that I have decided to work up my skills and learning within all things online.  The flow on effect of discovering this podcast was opening my eyes to the many opportunities that are out there.  I realised then and there, that e-commerce was not the only avenue to making a living online. Helping me get my head around what was once scorned upon and floated around like a dirty word, I had a new appreciation for what could be done with affiliate marketing, if applied in an ethical manner.

Screen shot 2014-11-23 at 4.03.02 PMPat has amazing production values and provides extremely insightful views into the world of Passive Income.  His candid and relaxed nature, allows his personality to come across and becomes instantly likeable. If you are indeed inclined to that style. The transparency with how he works, pretty much close to giving up all his methods and sharing as many helpful resources along the way.  His range of guests are also unbelievable, I guess when you build up an online brand as he has done, in what I would say is an extremely short journey to success, you’re going to get noticed.  His guests range from online gurus such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferris and Ramit Sethi. Although hearing from the big guns is something I find inspiring. What I feel gives it the edge, is when he gets a guest who has turned a small idea into extremely successful stories of online entrepreneurship. It allows anyone to think that, if they apply themselves to what ever interest or hobby that they are highly involved with, they to, can be successful.

If you are someone who is highly passionate about something outside of your 9-5 grind, then I highly recommend, like I did getting into this Podcast and listen to it from episode number 1.  Drop listening to your music or crappy radio stations, start learning from the best on how you can also become a successful online entrepreneur.  Smart Passive Income will help steer your thoughts and ideas, like you have never done before.  It is truly an inspiring podcast, which you will get plenty of hints, tips and ideas from.  But like anything, this world, if you want to be successful in it, it requires dedication and effort, the ability to network and the ability to have the drive to change your own world.  Pat think’s outside the square, he gives as much as he can, even sharing how much he earns, with his monthly income report.  You can’t doubt this guys knowledge or success (over 10 million downloads) and whilst I have been intoxicated by the thoughts of what if? I have only just started my journey also.  Thank you Pat for you inspiration and guidance.

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