Stuff You Should Know Podcast Review

In my continuous search for being informed, keeping my mind fresh and open to new ideas and concepts. I have decided to take a look at a new podcast (to me of course), and this is my Stuff You Should Know Podcast Review. This podcast is hosted by two gentlemen, Josh Clark and Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant. Both of the hosts also write for the popular blog ‘How Stuff Works’, which is the producer of this popular podcast.  Production value of this podcast is top notch, with the sound quality being one of the stand out characteristics and is a shining example on how podcasts should be produced.  Whilst the topics are of a serious nature, the jovial nature of both the hosts allows for a sense of comedic surprise and banter, bringing topics, which could be seen as scientifically overwhelming are brought down to the average Joe’s level.  Not that these host’s are average Joe’s, they just know how to execute what can be seen as things with a serious nature to a more enjoyable experience. In fact I would add that their methods of explaining and demonstrating topics in this fashion, could indeed be an example of how to teach topics in a way that is much more palatable to all.

I should also state this is not a science podcast, it is generally more about everyday topics which are discussed and broken down, discovering truths and realities and somewhat dispelling any popular culture rumours and understanding what is actually happening.  A great example is of one of their most recent podcasts on Nuclear Power. To most, hearing the topic of Nuclear Power is something that people naturally have negative connotations, especially here in Australia, where many frown upon the use of this energy source.  They delve into the realities of the new technology, Nuclear Fusion vs the traditional and more well known , Nuclear Fission.  Understanding that there is a significant difference between the two is something all people should know and that the development of the newer technology is something that could be an energy source, which could be game changing and possibly the channel of clean energy the whole world needs.  Also to understand the difference in the two in the areas of possible disaster was actually promising to hear, with the current fission technology still obviously quite unbalanced and volatile, if something were to go wrong.  The new fusion technology is almost zero risk averse.

At this stage I am rather new to the Podcast, but it is definitely one, which I feel adds value to my listening time.  I thoroughly enjoy the delivery of the show and feel I actually learn a lot from what the guys are talking about.  If you are a curious mind like me, I would highly recommend giving these guys a spin, there are well over 500 episodes in their back catalogue and plenty of different topics that might just be the thing, you are wanting to find some more information about. Another fine podcast and there is a reason that they are as popular as they are.  For more information follow the links below:



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