The Top 10 most beautiful places in Australia

Having travelled all around Australia, to every major city along with the surrounds, I feel I can make a fairly good judgement on what I believe are the most beautiful places in Australia are. It’s actually quite funny when you speak to most Australians and not many of them have t

ravelled far and wide to see our beautiful country. Our country is so big and has so little people inhabiting it. When one chooses to travel they can really get lost in the land. My family is planning on seeing even more of the beauty that Australia has to provide as we have a camping trip of doing whats affectionately known as the big lap and taking a year off and travelling around Australia. Now to my list of the most beautiful places in Australia, I have seen so far and this is in no particular order. That is far too difficult of a task.

The Daintree Rainforest

Located in far north Queensland my wife and I once travelled to the Daintree on a holiday to Port Douglas. We had the privilege of spending a night in this breathtaking part of Australia as we had friends who lived in the heart of the jungle. Prior to getting right in the heart of the jungle we headed to what could be considered part of the Daintree, a place called Mossman Gorge which while beautiful was extremely packed with tourists. Well worth checking out, but word of warning that the water is absolutely freezing and if thinking about going for a swim I’d advise only the brave!

most beautiful places in Australia

I remember this like it was yesterday, getting picked up on the side of the road at a river on a small dingy and heading through the jungle I was instantly thrown into a scene of Indiana Jones. With the sound of the forest overpowering the sound of the boat’s engine, I was in awe of the foliage and the lush green forest which looked like it never ended. We rocked up at a bank and made our way to this forest house which floated in the air (I’m assuming due to flooding) and settled in.

We went for walks around the forest and settled in for the night. I must say as someone not so fond of spiders I don’t think the beauty of the forest will ever supercede the amazement in the giant orb spiders (absolutely harmless). These things have to be seen in real life to understand how big they are.

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