Who was Melbourne named after?

Many consider Melbourne to be the greatest city in the world (including myself) but who was Melbourne named after? It was named after a village in Derbyshire, which is located in the English Midlands in the year 1937 by Governor Sir Richar Bourke who on his visit overruled the previous namings and decided on Melbourne. The reason simply due to at the time the then British Prime Minister William Lamb resided there at the time. Not so exciting.

What was Melbourne originally called?

I did mention above that the name of Melbourne was overruled alas it was called something else. To be honest I kind of enjoy its original names prior to the name change to Melbourne. Melbournes interim names were Batmania and Bearbrass. Then it was changed to the name we know and love Melbourne.

Who founded Melbourne?

Two names which are typically attached to the ‘founding’ of Melbourne are John Batman and John Pascoe Fawkner. While they appear by each others side in writing they were known to be extremely bitter rivals during their lives. They both claimed to be the founders of Melbourne and as mentioned above named Melbourne. According to Hamilton Hume though  “Circumstances, as far as I know, point to honest John Batman as the real founder of Victoria […] From all I have heard for years past I do believe that Mr Fawkner, knowing that Batman was about to cross over to Port Phillip, followed in his wake.”

who founded melbourne



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