Why change is good

So many people fear the word ‘change’ and I have always wondered why? Seeing as I am a big believer in change and the positive effects it can bring in life. I have decided to write this article about why change is good. About 6 years ago I went through the most difficult time of my life. Having relied on the world of employment, I was soon to face the reality of redundancy. Not only was I about to lose my job, but 6 days after so was my wife. Although there was an initial shock and to be honest a level of depression involved with being put into a situation like this, it was quite possibly the best thing that had ever happened to me. It taught me never to be reliant on any form of income source because quite frankly, things can happen out of your own control, that will change your potential destiny or path.

Having being pushed into what I can only describe as survival mode, my wife and I switched into this zone and did all we could to make sure we didn’t have to rely on welfare. We didn’t want to become victims, we wanted to become heroes. So out we went on our journey of starting our own small online business. With our combined skills we knew we had something else to offer. From this was born Not Too Shabby, our retro and vintage furniture upcycling business. In our first year of full operation we were able to gross around $140,000 in sales, which equated to around 800 pieces of furniture in sales. We identified a market, which was the untapped mid range priced affordable furniture market, with some ‘flair’. We were soon to realise that we were about to start a revolution in furniture upcycling, with many copy cat sellers soon to follow, as they also realised the potential in what we were doing online.

Thankfully we were able to build up enough of a reputation within the market and built an extremely loyal fan base, with dozens of repeat customers, we continued to succeed. Some of these customers having purchased at least five pieces of furniture made us realise we were not only providing a great service, but also great products. What was to some, including my father, somewhat laughable at the times, the notion of selling furniture online was so novel, that they couldn’t believe we were actually running a sustainable business. One which came with so many benefits, such as work life balance. There is nothing better than realising that you have worked hard enough, that you can take six weeks off and go on a European holiday and still survive when you return.

With life circumstances changing and the potential of family planning coming into play, we decided, whilst the business was doing great, unfortunately it was not scalable. So we decided to put the business on the market and allow someone else to take over the great business we had built. As it turns out my wife found a job at the end of 2014 and amazingly it was the experience she had gained with Not Too Shabby, which allowed her to land her new role as an Interior Design Consultant. Likewise, recently I was contacted through Facebook from an old work colleague who informed me of a role within digital marketing with a not for profit organisation. Having decided a long time ago that if I was to return to an employed position, that it would have to be with an organisation that was adding value to the world, rather than sucking the blood out of it. It seemed the perfect fit, so I went through the recruitment process and found out a week ago, that I had landed the job.

With the efficiencies I had created with Not Too Shabby, I realised we could continue to work day jobs and bust our asses when we weren’t, to maintain what we had built with our business, until we obviously sold it. Hard work and a challenge is something I have always looked forward to and it also allows the potential for us to grow some real wealth in the coming months, with three solid income streams. Hopefully with the kicker that someone ends up purchasing Not Too Shabby, which will undoubtedly leave us in a very positive situation in life. I didn’t want to say comfortable, because I have been there before unfortunately. I think from everything that I have experienced over the past few years, is that complacency is a killer and if you want to lead a rewarding and successful life, that you should continually push yourself to achieve more. Life is going to continually get harder, it is a reality of the world we live in. To be ahead of the game can only allow for these difficulties to be more manageable when they arrive.

As it would seem, change is on the horizon once again. This time it is by choice, which makes it a lot easier to swallow, in fact it is something I am absolutely excited about. That weird feeling when you are itching to get back into employment, what an odd position to be in. The beauty of it all, is that I have now experienced the school of hard knocks. Having never really been in this position in life, the learnings I have gotten from this life changing moment, is so invaluable for my own personal growth. You couldn’t pay money to learn all the things I have experienced, you just go through it and learn along the way. Whilst it was a horrible experience, I can only be thankful to the company which let me off the leash and allowed me to create a succesful small business. I can only vouch for how much of a rewarding experience that is. So from all of this, I have created this list of why change is good:

  1. Don’t fight change, embrace it.
  2. It’s ok to be afraid of change, we all get comfortable and with change, it disrupts that feeling of comfortability. Trust me go there, its not that uncomfortable.
  3. Change is an adventure, you never know where it is going to go.
  4. It takes way more energy to resist change then it does to accept it.
  5. Without change, there is complacency and complacency takes you straight to grave.
  6. When you unite with change it creates opportunity.
  7. It creates the opportunity for success, whilst most resist change, successful people will always use it to their advantage.
  8. Change creates the need to learn and learning is growing.
  9. Change is like a rollercoaster, its scary, thrilling, and most of all exciting. It forces you to move.
  10. Change is about adapting, when we adapt we move forwards not backwards.
  11. You realise that is is ok to change your feelings about things, you become a bit more open minded.

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