Why do I procrastinate | The never ending productivity bug I plan to kill

The 50 million dollar question that I’ve never been able to solve. Why do I procrastinate? I’ve started this thing called project 40 and it’s all about making changes to my life that I think I need to do before the age of 40. Procrastination is one of those things on the list. 

Delving into the reasons why I procrastinate may help identify the key reasons why I do. I don’t really understand it to be honest. I have sometimes wondered if I have some form of un-diagnosed adult ADHD. I’ve even done online tests which indicate I do in fact have symptoms which may indicate that I do have ADHD. But who’s going to believe an online test? Maybe me. That could be it.

I may also have some form of anxiety that I have quietly covered and masked for most of my life. If I was being extremely honest I would say that unexpected hiccups in life can sometimes lead me down a spiral of thought that can leave me both angered and frustrated. In saying that I thankfully have another useful personality trait and thats resilience. So whilst I react with a sense of WTF. I can recover quite quickly. This is where procrastination comes into play and it seems weird but completing things can tend to lead to a judgement of completed works and the results and reaction to the completed work may not be what I want. So I use procrastination to avoid such conflict. Sounds weird but I know this to be true now.

So these are two things from a personal and metal health perspective that I believe hamper my ability to push through procrastination. I remember seeing this TedX talk, which I will post below and it was like it was reading my mind. The concept of the instant gratification monkey was discovered and it made SO much sense to me when I was listening. What is this instant gratification monkey, well its that little guy inside your head that when you’re in the middle of doing something interrupts and reminds you about something unimportant, so you go off and do something that will provide you with a sense of happiness and instant gratification. For example a YouTube video and then another and then another. You know how it goes right? This video explains the concept perfectly:

So now that I understand a little more about why I procrastinate. It’s probably best that I put a plan into action.

Starting from today I am commencing an anti-procrastination diet. The idea of this is to look at your daily planner and put a specific single task that you will complete in that day that you have been holding off and push through and get it complete and done.

The tool I am going to use to monitor how I am doing is just the calendar on my phone, which I have filled in until the end of next week and I will monitor how I go with tabling in a diary below of my anti-procrastination diet. So here it goes and I look forward to reporting on how I am feeling after a month of completing daily tasks and training the brain into creating the habit of not procrastinating and just DOING IT!

Sounds silly in concept but for for those of you who have this same horrible habit of not being able to just hit go and complete tasks until the last minute, then you will understanf what I am talking about. To be honest its even harder when you have tasks that do not have deadlines, so lets see if this anti-procrastination training works.

Day 1 – Clean the weeds from the side of the house

Well I have this task of a whole bunch of weeds going crazy down the size of our unit that I have not managed to get to for a very long time. Seemed like an easy one to do. I literally only had 30 mins to complete this before the rest of my day was taken up by my ventures to the football. Happy to report that it was completed and a very happy wife to add to that.

Day 2 – Complete partnership program contract

This one is a specific work task I have been holding off for sadly a couple of months. Why? Well It’s going to add a lot more to an already cumbersome work load. I have completed this task and I just need to review it with my CFO before I can move forward with it.

Day 3 – New Application partnership

Again another task I have been sitting on. This one is easy. I just have to sign the contract and return it.



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